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Hi! My computer wont start up with nvidia drivers installed, only in safe mode. Everytime i start my computer i have to go in to safe mode, and unistall nvidia drivers,otherwise my computer just locks up when starting windows(the famous bluescreen). Before this happened, i got dots on my screen, i installed the latest drivers, it seemed to work fine, until i got nvlddmkm.sys a few times, and then it crashed and it became like it is now, but a day later it worked fine again, only to crash and remain like this again, now permanently, unless i do something about it, and i don't know what to do, and im asking here for some kind of advice.

I havent done anything with my card, i didnt try it in another computer (dont have one to try it in)

My guess is, the dots appeared for overheating, and then it were something wrong with the latest drivers, that did this to my card (?)

and i've tried install old drivers, but nothing seems to help, altho i havent reinstalled windows.

any suggestions, or questions? :)
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  1. What about your PSU? brand? model? how old?

    What about your card temps?

    everything in my comp is 2,5 years old

    my grafic card is PX 8800GT

    my temp is below 60, most of the time =]
  3. I can't find any reliable info in web about that PSU, but i doubt it's one of a quality PSU, i guess you've been too long using this crap PSU, so it broke your GPU...

    You must clean the previous driver before installing the new one, use this:

    My best guess is your card is going bad because "crap" PSU, just a little advice, next time don't cheap out on PSU, it's the most important thing in your system... :)
  4. actually, it worked to use driversweeper, or in a way. After i uninstalled, i rebooted and installed new drivers, i restarted my comp, and i got bluescreen after startup, but then, i uninstalled "nvidia drivers" the dots disappeared (i had dots when windows loaded, now they are gone) but i'm thinking it will be back soon, and i still can't play, but i will see if i can get things to work now =]
  5. yeah works fine for now, but this isnt the end of it, for sure, i'll be back when my comp starts ******* around again (probably 1-2 days)
  6. Well, if the same problem occur, then your card is dying...
    Feel free if you want to replace it with another card, many cheap card out there that better than 8800GT.
  7. yea, well, the only remaining problem, is nvlddmkm.sys, any ideas for that one?
  8. As far as i know, that's a driver issue...
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