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When I turn on my computer I hear 5 beeps. Then while loading it shuts down

Intel 960, 6g 1600 ram, radeon 5870, 1T hd, 950w PS, SB X-FI gamer, Sniper case
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  1. Hmm, sounds like your system is reporting processor issues.
    It's not completely broken, as it can apparently still access and run the BIOS during start-up, but it's worth double checking your set up.
  2. I should ask; What is your motherboard?
  3. gigabyte ud3
  4. That board should work fine so I'm gonna request you take the following steps.

    1. You'll want to take out the processor. Of course, before doing this, make sure the computer is off, caps emptied, you're grounded, etc.
    2. Take a good look at your processor and your processor socket and make sure there are no abnormalities like dark spots or bent pins.
    3. Reset the CMOS on your board. You can do this by taking out the CMOS battery for 10 or so minutes or by using the CMOS Clear jumper on your board.
    4. Go through the installation procedure of your processor again. It's a good idea to refer to your documentation for your CPU/Mobo just to make sure you aren't missing something.
    5. Try to boot it again.
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