P8H67-M Pro New Build, Having Issues

I just put together a new system with all new components with the above mobo. I used i3-2100, no video card, Crucial M4 64GB, and Caviar Black 500GB. I'm having a few issues and do not know how to resolve:

1)Drivers- I initially downloaded the latest chipset, LAN, USB, and Audio drivers from the Asus website. It seemed to work but then I had booting issues. I started from scratch and eventually loaded them all from the disk and it mostly seems to work.

My question is how many of these do I really need and there are some on the website that aren't on the disk and it seems there there are older drivers on the website vs. the disk. Is that possible?

What is a good procedure for doing this??

2)Booting up. -I loaded W7 on the SSD. When I do a restart vs. coldstart, I get a blank screen with a blinking cursor at the upper left corner. If I shutdown then power on with the power button, Windows boots up fine.

3) HDD not showing up anywhere- All Sata plugs seem fine, I switched them around several different ways but it does not show up on the device manager. The Asus website had a Sata driver update but when I tried to load it it said my computer wasn't capable (or something like that). Both the SDD and HDD are plugged into the 6.0Gb/s connectors. Not sure what else to try.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I did a complete re-install and seem to have fixed the booting up on restart issue for now. I loaded all drivers from the disk, non from website. Still no sign of the HDD, does this mean it is DOA?
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