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Mobo Not Detecting HDD's, Detects SSD

Last response: in Systems
September 17, 2010 6:23:22 AM

..I just finished a new build, and most everything seems to be working except that I can't get my mobo to detect my HDD's.

I have my OS installed on a SSD, and everything is running perfectly fine with that, but none of my HDD's are being detected.

I've tried:

tweaking every BIOS settings having to do with SATA cotnrollers
swapping SATA cables between SSD and HDD
swapping SATA ports between SSD and HDD
swapping power connections between SSD and HHD

Any suggestions? I've got 4 HDD's that I've got hooked up. Two of them are dead (I'm fairly sure, going to see if I can suck any data off of them), but one of them I'm 99% sure works, and the other one is brand new.

Any help or suggestions from anyone would be greatly appreciated!

My mobo is a Gigabyte X58-UD3R
September 17, 2010 6:38:30 PM

The only thing I can think of is to check under admin tools and computer management -> disk management and see if the computer sees it there. I know for sure the new hard drive needs to be partitioned (or formatted, unsure of correct term).

Otherwise, maybe try putting those hard drives in another computer/dock possibly.
September 18, 2010 12:27:51 AM

Why would Disk management show the disks when the mobo can't even detect them in the BIOS?
November 13, 2012 12:13:26 AM

I'm having the same problem, searched for so long no one seems to hav a correct answer so here what i come up with.
1) The HDD is dead. That is mostly likley the case if BIOS cant detect it. You can try to change everying to IDE insted of ACHI and test to see if that helps also.
2) Test to see if HDD is dead. Get like a SATA to USB. That will be how you test it. When you connect the HDD on the reader, and the computer doesnt recognize it, then its dead.
3)Could be SATA ports or calbes but you said you tried checking them allready.

I ordered a SATA to USB reader and when i get it im gonna do the test. If the HDD doesnt get read, then i know its dead.