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So I recently started playing 2142 again. 2142 does not have a v-sync option, and the game gets terrible screen tearing at high fps. Another problem is the AA. I have it set on 8xAA, but it just doesn't seem like it's making any difference. A lot of edges just look awful. I know it's a 2006 game, but I just don't think the AA is having any effect. So I tried forcing AA in ccc, but it does not seem to work. I also tried forcing v-sync in ccc. No effect on the game at all. My cc works in other games like WoW, so what is the problem here?
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  1. The problem is the game itself, it's an old game, buddy, don't expect much... :)
    The other games are fine, right? If that so, then it's fine, the problem is the game itself...
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