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I just finished my build. However when I plug my vga cable on my monitor my monitor stays blank and the power light stays yellow. But when I plug my vga cable on the onboard graphics card with my motherboard, it shows a display. The 5850 doesnt even show up in Device Manager. Thinking it was my motherboard I tried it on a brand new MSI, however all I get is 1 long, and 2 short beeps which is an error for the video card. Did i get a faulty gpu?

P.S. My motherboard is a Biostar TA880GB+ and my PSU is a Thermaltake tr2 600 watts
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  1. Before sending it to RMA, any ideas? I dont wanna send back a working GPU.
  2. yeah i connected both PCIE connectors at the back.
  3. Do you have more than one PCIe slot on the mobo? have you tried using another?

    certainly sounds like the GPU is at fault though, i'd RMA it.
  4. Yeah we tried both. I do believe my old PSU had killed it, which wasnt powerful enough to power it. But after buying a new PSU I think its too late.

    I requested for RMA and I should be sending it tomorrow, but between that time Im goona try everything to make it work...but I doubt anything will happen
  5. bump...any suggestion before i send it off?
  6. try that card on a different PC, if the problem persists then you have your answer =)
  7. i tried it on a different mobo, so i guess that counts.
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  9. just received my RMA and now works perfectly
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