My OCZ vertex 4 512GB will not boot correctly on windows 8.

Hello, my name is Rory Finnegan.
I have recently purchased a OCZ vertex 4 512GB model and a copy of windows 8 64-bit pro edition. After playing around for it a while I was pretty happy, and then I checked my read/write speeds. I was only getting half the speeds from the standard read/write of such a solid state drive. I eventually looked back at my manual for my mobo. I realized that I had accidentaly plugged it into the 3Gbp/s, so as usual I decided to plug into the 6Gbp/s. When I plugged it in there and tried to boot from the ssd, it showed up with the windows 8 boot screen for a second and *pop* the computer would shut down. Sooo. because I play on a gaming server where I know the admin is getting a degree in computer science I asked him. To be friendly enough he told me to try AHCI, I checked and it already was AHCI. I tried IDE 6 Gbps and it still did not work. Then, I decided I wanted to use my old HDD as storage and I managed to get it back in my computer and boot it. It came up with an error saying it wanted to scan one of my disks, I chose to skip this. Then It booted up windows 7 and I was able to see my OCZ with all its things, running, on 6gbps when I boot up from windows 7. I believe that this may be a SSD and OS error, but Please help, as I wish to be getting the proper speeds for my $400
Thank you for your support
My specs are: (Keep in mind I got all these parts except for the ssd and windows 8 last year.)
intel core i7 2600k
Seagate 7200RPM 1TB HDD
OCZ Vertex 4 512GB
Asus p8z68-v motherboard (not pro or 3rd gen)
corshair 800 watt PSU
MSI Twin Frozr gtx560ti
16 GB of DDR3 (I believe vengeance)
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  1. It should be something that is easy to fix. I would make a Windows 8 system repair disc ( ), attach the SSD to the port you want -- one of the gray 6Gpbs ports, and then start it up and repair the SRP.
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