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recently my hard disk got malfunction i can hear a beat sound in a particular intervel. so, i hav opened it when i powered it then i saw that the reader is not stable malfuntioning due to which sound is producing. Reader's point is struck by the hdd motor then goes away again comes and struck the hdd motor like a pendulam.
Can you help me i got my data's on that drive.
Please Help me!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Buy a new drive, and restore the data from backup.

    You could send the drive to s data recovery shop where they will take apart the drive (in a clean room) and pull data off if they can. This can be expensive, so restoring from your backup is a better option.
  2. The drive is dead and even a data recovery service can not help you, because you opened the drive. Never ever open a drive outside a clean room!
  3. its the windows 8 on that system who crashed i boot that hard with win 7 and formated c: i got my other drive data dat are more imp.
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