High Disk Activity caused by System PID4!

Hi! I'm new to Tom's Hardware and this is my first question/thread.

So first here is my system specifications:
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Intel i3 2.4GHz
It's a Laptop

So here comes the short version:
I have high disk activity which causes my PC to lag.

Long/Complete version:
So I was watching a movie and It was lagging, It was impossible to watch as the video gets messed up and the audio cuts. I was using Windows media player, so I decided to download and try VLC if Windows Media Player was the problem, and to my dismay, VLC was lagging to. It even happens to music, but rarer. I have this desktop gadget that tells the RAM & processor usage but it just resting there (RAM 30%, CPU 5%) when the lag occurs. So I decided to play games instead, and to my worst expectations, the all my games are lagging too. So I started to do my bi-monthly (twice a month) maintenance early. I ran my anti-virus, cleaned and defragmented my registry, cleaned and defragmented my HDD, updated windows, my apps, and drivers. I tried to watch my movies again but the lag still occurs. After a few days of trying to solve the problem, I decided to back my files up and re-install Windows.

While I was backing my files, I tried to watch the videos already copied to my external HDD while the other files were being copied, and to my surprise, the video played normally on my external HDD. I tried to watch the exact video on my laptop's internal HDD the lag occurred. I concluded that the problem is the internal hard drive and not the laptop itself. So I cancelled the reformat and downloaded CrystalDiskInfo and HDTune and warned me that my Reallocated sector count is 20, and my Reallocated Event count is 2. The number seem to remain constant for the past few days. Since I realized the my HDD is the problem, I decided to run resource monitor from task manager, and my internal HDD seems to have crazy high disk activity! I concluded that this is the reason for all of my lags. The high disk activity seems to come from System PID4.

So there it is. I know its pretty long but I just wanted to give all the details

1. Can I repair the Reallocated Sector Count and the Reallocated Event Count?
2. Does the Reallocate Sector/Event count have anything to do with the lag?
3. Should I start saving money and looking for a laptop internal hard drive?

Thanks for taking the time!
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  1. Fist thing to do (as your already backed up your files) is to run a checkdisk. Right click on the drive in explorer / properties / tools. It needs a restart on the c drive. Regardless what it comes up with: start saving money for a new hdd and don't save importent data to the old one.
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