Acer aspire t180 video card upgrade

i want to play some better games on my acer aspire t180 but i dont want to spend to much money what games could i play if i upgraded my video card to a Diamond 2400PRO512PE Radeon HD 2400 Pro Video Card - 512MB DDR2, PCI Express, DVI, VGA, HDTV i know my system is out of date but id like some better games and better video editing....if anyone has any better ideas for a video card let me know i dont want to spend more than 70 bucks
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  1. I'm sorry, but since your power supply is only 250 watts, it cannot support any decent video cards. Get a new computer with at least a GT 240 or higher to be able to play some games and do better editting.
    Is that your PC?

    Well, for 250W, you can add GT240 or HD5670 without change your PSU, and it still MUCH better than the onboard nVidia MCP61 or HD2400 Pro.

    Make sure that card would fit inside your case...
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