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Hello, I have searched external HDD issues and none relates specifically to my situation, I hope someone is patient enough to respond. :p
I have a seagate backup plus drive I purchased in Sept. 2012. I disconnected it after I mistakenly thought I clicked the safely remove button, and now neither of my computers recognizes the drive. When plugged in it beeps softly about 20 times and then goes silent. Then the power light starts flashing. I have gone through computer management>disk and device manager. My drive is unregocgnizable. Is it dead? Is it a power supply issue? Can any data be saved? Can I connect it internally to my PC and have it work? Help, please. :o)
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  1. Have you checked the Seagate site for diagnostics? Have you run any of them? HDTune is a good one for generic testing.

    Yes, you can remove the drive from the enclosure and attach it directly to your motherboard. Do that if after you've tested it with the software above it still doesn't work.
  2. Try a USB Y-cable. This picks up power from two USB ports.

    Otherwise it sounds like a stiction fault (heads stuck to platters).
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