Core i7 920 temps

Is it okay to have my core i7 920 running at 95c with all threads under full load? Because that seems suspiciously high. Not to mention it runs at 80c while playing games and it idles around 40c.

Do you think it has sustained any damage from overheating? I have been running it like this for a year now. (Yeah, I know, bad idea)

I am running the processor with the stock fan it came with.
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  1. What? 95'C for CPU is just too HIGH, don't continue it, you will shortened the chip lifespan itself...
    make sure all components are free from dust, re-apply the new thermal paste and make sure you have good airflow inside your case.
    If the problem persist then you can buy an aftermarket cooler for just $40-$50.
  2. It's pretty much normal for an i7 to go that temp but if you wanna take precaution I would recommend an aftermarket fan will help lowering those temps.
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