Is it my graphic card?

I'm trying to determine if I need a new computer or just a new GPU. I'm trying to play PC game Starcraft 2 at Ultra settings. I'm only able to play using low settings. The game actually tells me my computer is slowing down the game. And to close other programs. Well I reformatted and don't even have virus running in the background. So I only have Sc2 and basic programs on my computer.

Dell XPS 15030 laptop
Intel Duo 2 T7250 @ 2.00 mhz
4.0 ram
NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT

What is the problem with these specs?
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  1. I'm sorry, but the 8600 GT isn't the recommended card to run SC2 on ultra (especially since it is mobile). You should be able to play on low or even medium, but not ultra. I recommend that you get a new computer with a better video card; minimum with the 9800 GT/HD5670 and a decent dual-core (ex. Core i3).
  2. A 2GHz mobile dual core might not be enough to keep up with the game, RTS games like starcraft are more CPU dependent than FPS games because there are more units and more AI to deal with. Turn down the graphics settings and see if that helps, if not then its your CPU and you are going to need to get a new machine if you want to play SCII.
  3. Yup, your cpu is not fast enough to play SC2 at high/medium setting, plus 8600GT is become a low end gaming card for today's standard...
    Well, it's a laptop, most of laptops aren't upgradeable.
  4. Save money and get a new PC.
  5. I think the game was too generous to run on that laptop in the first place.
  6. starcraft 2 on ultra using 8600gt....its really a dream can even play 2 year old games on your laptop at ultra so forget about starcraft 2...and if you are able to play it on low setting enjoy it...other wise go for a new pc...
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