Memory Compatibility Query

The following are my system specs:-

[1] AMD X4 955 BE - @ 3.2Ghz (stock)

[2] Gigabyte GA-MA-785-GMT-USB3 Motherboard

[3] Corsair VX 550

[4] Gskill Rip-jaws (red) 4 GB (2x2) @ MHz ( + Gskill Sniper 8GB (GB) @ MHz (

[5] MSI 5850 Twin Frozr2

[6] Coolermaster Hyper TX-3 with 92mm Coolermaster Blademaster fan

I currently run a 4 GB kit of Gskill Rip-jaws (red)@ MHz. The 8 GB kit of Gskill Sniper will arrive on Monday. The following are the few queries I have:-

[1] Will I be able to use the Gskill Sniper in along with my existing Gskill Rip-jaws without any compatibility issues? If there are any compatibility issues, what could they possibly be?

[2] The Gskill Snipers run at 1.2v vs the 1.5 of the Rip-jaws so I am not sure of the effects of running these together, will I be able to run both these ram modules at their stated 1600Mhz frequencies properly without getting a BSOD?

[3] If any compatibility issues crop up what would be the necessary steps/solutions to resolve it ? (please mention if I need to adjust voltages in my motherboard,etc)

The other issue is that I have 4 DIMM slots in my motherboard and the first DIMM Slot is pretty much unusable, thanks to my HSF which interferes in the installation of the memory module.

[4] Can anyone (AMD users specifically) mention a good HSF which does not interfere with the installation of the memory modules in DIMM slots 1 and 2? I need something that is silent. I will not overclock my system. I need something cheap as well Currently the only option I have, should I choose to utilize all the four DIMM slots, is the AMD BE Stock HSF.
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  1. you will not be able to use them together since they require different Voltages.

    the 1.5V will not run at a 1.25V setting, and the 1.25V might fry running at a 1.5V setting

    just use the 8GB modules which should be enough to run most anything in Win7
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