8800GT Artifacts/BSOD

Hi, I've got an nvidia 8800GT that was working wonderfully for me until it started artifacting like crazy while playing a game. I quit out to the desktop and the screen was still really messed up. However, when the Windows 7 "shutting down" screen came up it was perfectly clean and clear. I powered the computer back up an hour or so later and it started artifacting again, but this time after just surfing the web for about 30 minutes. The monitor was clicking on and off and before I could shut down I got a quick BSOD and the computer restarted. I let it boot up and everything--including the log-in screen--looked fine, but when I got to the desktop the artifacts were popping up... so I began to turn the PC off and once again the artifacts disappeared at the shut-down screen. Replaced video drivers, checked for airflow/dust, still having problems. My computer is well-ventilated and the room is air-conditioned. Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks for taking the time to read this! :pt1cable:
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  1. Did you overclock your computer? If you did, reset the clock or do a system restore before this problem happened. If you recently bought the 8800 GT, then return it and get a new video card.
  2. No, I didn't overclock, and I've had the card for almost two years.
  3. What about the card's temps?
    Check it first and report back later...

    Also, make sure all components are free from dust, re-apply the thermal paste could help a lot... :)
  4. Did you clean the card and make sure you have sufficient air flow?
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