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My pc appears to be stuck in sleep mode. Earlier today I put my pc in sleep mode before going to the gym. When I came back and clicked the mouse the fans and lights came on but nothing appeared on the monitor. I turned the power off and turn it back on and the lights and fans come on again but nothing appears on the monitor. No boot menu, nothing. Also after turing it on, the fans and lights randomly goes off and on, usually with an interval of 30 seconds. During this nothing appears on the monitor.

I have had the same exact problem happen once before - about 4 months ago. When me and my friend tried fixing it we tried some of the following with no result:

- Using a different monitor.
- Using a different graphics card.
- Using different RAM.
- Removing dust.

He eventually took it home with him and managed to fix it. I don't know what he did and I have no means of conntacting him at this point in time.


- Antec 900
- Intel E8500
- Sapphire HD 6870
- 4GB DDR2 Crosshair-something

I am sorry if this is poorly worded, seeing as english is not my first language.

I hope some of might be able to help me with this (Keep in mind that I can't get into the BIOS because nothing will show up on the minitor at all).
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  1. Fixed it by taking the CMOS in and out.
  2. Thanks for letting everyone know how you fixed it. You took the CMOS battery out, correct?
  3. That's the first thing you should have done lol
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