Opinion and advice on a pc build

Hi guys, greetings from Bulgaria :)
I would really appreciate opinions and any advice on this build :

120mm. scyte ss kaze jyuni 1200 rpm. 120x120x25

24" HP ZR24W

6GB Kit 3x2GB A-Data DDR3 1600g

700W Cooler Master Silent Pro PSU

2x750GB WD 7200rpm. Black 32MB S-ata II

Cooler Master HAF-922 Black w/o PSU

Gigabyte X58A-UD3R

Intel Core i7-930 2.8GHz 8MB S1366 BOX

LG GH22NS40 DVD-RW Black sata

Leadtek GeForce GTX 460 1GB DDR5 PCI-E

Going for a total of about 2300 USD.
Also, I have this unused 9800GTX+, what is your advice should I leave it for physX and compromise the idle 40W-50W and the heat, or just put it aside and use it whenever I feel its needed. And are there any other uses in having 2 GPUs.Do photoshop, after effects or in fact any editing program benefit from such an endeavor?
Thank you in advance.
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  1. That RAM is not safe for an x58 motherboard. You want RAM with below 1.65V requirement (preferable a 1.5V requirement) not 1.65-1.85V.

    i7 950 is faster and may be the same price.

    Haf makes a smaller 912 model now that has dust filters and may be a better value for you.

    You could stick with the 9800 GTX+, if its doing a good job for you now. If not then sell it on ebay or use it to convert an old machine into a secondary gaming machine. Its still a decent gaming card that will play most games at medium-high settings on a 1680x1050 monitor.
  2. Sadly the shop that I am using doesn't offer i7 950.

    I prefer the bigger model because I'm thinking of going sli 460 in near future.

    Is there a point in using both GPUs on 1 rig?

    Is the ram/motherboard issue crucial?

    Again thank you for your time.
  3. Anonymous1234_42 said:
    Is there a point in using both GPUs on 1 rig?
    Only if you play one of the few games that has PhysX.

    Is the ram/motherboard issue crucial?

    Depends on how many times/hour you want to freeze up and reboot.
    I dont throw around terms like "not safe" casually.
  4. Could the 1.65V on his memory be "locked" so it doesn't go over 1.65v.

    I think that the V will go over 1.65 only if I try to clock or tweak the memory, or am I mistaken?

    Could I just bring down the voltage to 1.5, will the memory be stable? Or is it best to switch to : CORSAIR XMS3 6GB 1333...

    Sorry for the hassle :(
  5. The RAM voltage is the voltage the RAM needs to be stable. New motherboards start at 1.5V and dont like to go past than 1.64V. If your Ram is Rated at 1.65V and you only give it 1.5V, it will eventually have so many errors it will lock up and freeze your system.

    Gskill 1.5-1.6V

    Mushkin Black 1.5-1.6V
  6. Thank you so much for your time :) Really helped me :)
  7. Your build looks very good and dndhatcher's advice is great!
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