Need help with Mobo choice

Looking to match an ATX Mobo with AMD X4 955BE in the $100-$125 range. I'm a newbie and having hard time wading thru all the the different choices. This will be used for gaming/general computing.

Here's what I think I need.

Bus speed (fastest I can get for the buck)

2 pcie x16 slots for crossfire (Is there a huge diference between 2X16 and 2X8? I'll be running 2 HD4850 1gig ddr3 GPUs. Will probably update cards in a year or two.)

Up to 16gigs of DDR3 ram (looking to intially use 4-8 gigs of what is the best deal/fastest at time of purchase and more later if needed)

Gigabyte Lan

6 sata connections (at least 4).

1 esata connection (looking to put optical drive in an enclosure).

2 3.0 usb

Onboard audio is fine.

Any suggestions/recommendations would be helpful.
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  1. Werner123 is offering you great advice.
  2. Thanks for the advice. This should get me in the right direction.
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