RMA, powercolour HD4890, whats equivalent?

My names Paul, and im just wondering if you guys can help me out, im having issues, i had my graphics card sent for a rma, they stated that they dont have any 4890's to replace my graphics card with, so they offered a replacement to the HD5770.

i refused as iv been told that its actually a downgrade from my original card, they called me up today to offer me a 768MB GTX460, they said they would call me up tomorrow as they said they would give me some time to think about it...

So now my question to you guys if you dont mind helping me is, what do you guys think is an equivalent replacement for my HD4890?
is there any pointers you guys can give me?

i think the HD5850 & GTX465 is a worthy replacement... i dont know though, iv been fed up with MSY as my rig has been out of action for around 9 months now...

Thanks for having a read and helping me out! =]
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  1. The GTX 460 would be an ideal replacement.. However, push around and try to get the 1GB version.. In any case, steer clear of the GTX 465..
  2. Emperus said:
    The GTX 460 would be an ideal replacement.. However, push around and try to get the 1GB version.. In any case, steer clear of the GTX 465..

    thanks for that, whould you mind me asking why you suggested to steer clear of the GTX 465? i would assume that its better/quicker then the 460...
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  4. addictions said:

    No need to bump a thread after an hour, better yet don't bump it at all. :non:
  5. GTX 460 768 is OK
    Nvidia: GTX 460 1GB or as a second option GTX 465
    ATI: HD5830
  6. addictions said:

    You need be a little patient dude.. Search on net for info regarding the GTX 465 and comparisons of it with the GTX 460.. You'll know for yourself.. Briefly, the GTX 465 has a higher power draw, higher temps and lower performance as compared to the GTX 460.. Its also higher priced for no reasons.. As for the GTX 460, the 1GB model has noticeably higher performance (especially at higher resolutions) with the expense of a little power..
  7. Be patient dude!

    Something which is equivalent to your HD4890 is HD5830 from ATI.

    But at this moment nothing beats a GTX 460 in the $220 price range. I also vote for it and the 1GB version!
  8. sorry about that guys, i was just hoping to get some answers so i can get back to them before they close so that i can get my things back as i have built a rig to just sit there and waste space...

    well initially his second offer was to give me a 768mb GTX460 after offering me a HD5770 prior.

    is the 768MB GTX better then the HD4890?

    is there any policies/right that i can state what i want? or should i just tell them i wont settle for anything less then "X"?

    I also run on a 24" BenQ monitor in the highest resolution and tend to always try to run the higest resolution in every game i play....
  9. I have never gone for an RMA. But i would definitely would say GTX460 is way better than HD4890. Also supports DX11 which is better. 786MB is good. But if you can get the 1GB version it would be sweet.
  10. Heres a performance comparison with the HD4890/5830/5850/5770 and GTX275/460/465: http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Axle/GeForce_GTX_460_768_MB/31.html
  11. Try and get the 460 1GB. I dunno what the 4890 had on it but you might be able to argue that it had more ram then the 460 768mb version if it did, in which case they might agree to give u the 1GB
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