SC2 gfx performance bottleneck?

Hi guys, I run SC2 fine in MP in 1920 * 1200 and everything in ultra, however SP is another matter often dipping below 30 fps - which is a bit strange...

My system
MB: Gigabyte with X48 intel chipset
CPU: Intel core 2 duo @3.16ghz E8500
Memory: 4gb DDR2 1066
GFX: Radeon HD4870 512 mb
HDD: Samsung SPinpoint F1 640gb 7200rpm

Where do you think I could easily get more performance - especially in SP? OC or new component? - But without getting a new system :)
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    I wouldnt do anything yet, as you say its fine in multiplayer but not in single, makes me think its the game, not your system, I'd wait for some patches before doing anything.

    Lots of people are seeing poor framrates in SP and the graphics arent good enough to explain it. I've got an I7 920, 4870x2 and 8GB and it still goes jerky in SP.
  2. its weird because it only seems to effect some people, with my system, i only get a quick stutter right as the game starts, and then its 60fps + all the way, this happens both in single and multiplayer games.
  3. It wouldn't suprise me if it's related to the 512mb of vram. You might just lower a setting to make it playable.

    From my experience with the new 10.7 beta drivers that enable AA support in SC2 on 5870's: I found that I can max everything and turn AA to x4 and it runs smooth as silk. As soon as I tried x8 AA, it ran unbelievably bad.

    To make that large of a difference, I'm guessing it ran out of v-ram, but I can't find benchmarks to proove this, so it's just a suspecision for now.

    The reason it may have worked great in MP and not in SP could be related to map sizes. If they keep the whole map loaded in v-ram, the map size would make a large impact on performance if your v-ram is low.

    Again, this is just speculation.
  4. @xaero what are your specs?

    I'm running textures in High only because of 512vram

    So waht you guys are saying is that a, say 460gtx wouldn't improve my SP fps - because the SP isn't optimmzed to begin with?
  5. AMD Phenom II X6 1055T @ 3.66ghz, Ati Radeon 5970 2GB, Asus Crosshair IV, Corsair XMS3 @ 1600mhz, Corsair TX850
  6. You shouldn't have any problems with that game on your system. I'd say wait for patches first.
  7. I think the game is somewhat more demanding them people put it as, i play 1920 x 1080 on ultra with a pretty heavily overclocked 460 and it sometimes dips into the 50's with alot of units on the screen, I'm using ultra textures, but i'd say it's surpising demanding

    xaero1ne well no duh your staying over 60fps with a 700 dollar card, with 4 times the shaders cores of mortesv
  8. Ok, thanks guys - I'll wait buying a new gfx card for a while then - but if I had to I'd buy an 460 and clock it like a madman :)

    All good answers - best answer goes to the youngster :)
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