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Computer specs:
dell inspiron 531
amd duel core 4400+ 2.4 ghz
3 gig ram
generic built in graphics card
300 watt power
generic monitor (i used to run games on 1024 x 800, used to that resolution)

i recently came across this computer my parents had received from christmas a couple of years ago that they werent using. i want to use the computer to play recent games at decent framerate/medium or so graphics settings (games such as bf bad company, sc 2, mass effect 2, dragon age, and the upcoming KOTOR MMORPG). Considering i havent gamed since the days that agp motherboards were relevant, my knowledge is a little outdated. However, i was looking into a this video card:
240 gt 512/1gig ddr3/ddr5 (not sure which combination is better)
( i thought about the 9600 gt (green version) but it is impossible to find)

now considering i need a small card (i measured, has to be smaller than 7 inch long) or low profile card, and i have a small power supply to work with, the card has to requre low wattage. My question is
1)what card would you recommend
2)and is there a card out there (ati) that would be equivalent/better with 300 or less wattage required and would be of a slim length or low profile.
my budgeet is between 50-90 dollars
if there is any other specs i need to post please lmk

thanks alot! :)

(fyi - i am not big on how the game looks in comparison to how the game runs, as in i rather have a smooth framerate than have a high level of detail but a slower framerate. idk if this helps, but im just trying to give you a view of how i enjoy games :))
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  1. also wanted to know what brand is recommended (galaxy,evga etc) thanks again
  2. A Radeon HD 5570 should suit you perfectly.
  3. doesnt that require 400 watt ps?
  4. No, its recommended to use a 400 W(by ATi).The card consumes very less power
  5. ah i see, thank you
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