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Please, Can a help me someone how to make a home network?

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April 23, 2010 12:44:20 PM

Please, how to make a home network?
I have two PC and internet connection from ruter. it's no wi-fi.
I need connect bouth PC with LAN cable or how? Pls....

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April 23, 2010 1:00:20 PM

How many ports does the router have on it?

Typically you would go internet connection (such as cable modem) plugs in to your router (usually 1 port is labled "WAN"), and plug the PCs into the router via LAN ports.

most likely the router and PCs have DHCP enabled, which automatically configured their IP address. Turn on your cable modem first, wait 30 seconds, turn on the router, wait 30 seconds, and then boot your PCs.

If that doesn't work, post some more specifics of what you have.
April 23, 2010 1:31:33 PM

No i don't have cable modem, i have ruter with ADSL connection.
On back on my ruter have 4 LAN pins, and one ADSL pin, one LINE and one PHONE. Also on my ruter i have connected phone.
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April 23, 2010 2:27:07 PM

Did your ISP give you any documentation with the router?

You should be able to just plug the PCs into the router and go. I assume they tested the router configuration when they installed your DSL, right?
April 23, 2010 2:52:16 PM

I have internet conection, that is ok. But i ask for two computers in network. I don't know how to connect to be in network with another one.

But, ty for trying help me...
April 23, 2010 5:19:35 PM

you mean an internal network? What do you want to accomplish? File sharing? Something else?

If you google windows home networking I expect you'll find a lot of stuff. Or post up something specific you want to do.
April 23, 2010 5:42:08 PM

I have internet conetion, i need file sharing. But ok, i will google little, i hope i will found.