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  1. Coolermaster isn't the best, but if that's what you have to spend, I would try it. I especially like the 135mm fan; my ocz has one and it's very quiet.
  2. What is your FULL specs? budget?
  3. Not fully decided, but likely to be:
    Antec 300
    Gtx 460 (may SLI, improve or both)
    Sabertooth X58
    i7 950
    Prolimatech Megahalems
    Additional fans where they fit
    1Tb Spinpoint f3
    60 GB OCZ Vertex 2E
    Possible future sound card with front bay
    Samsung DVD rw
  4. If you are planning to get second card (SLI) then get 750W PSU for the "safe" side...
  5. +1 dipankar...i agree, the only cooler master psus that are over-rated and suck are the elite power and extreme power units.
  6. thanks. I should have the PSU, mobo and CPU by tuesday :)
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