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I OC-ed my CPU ( Intel Pentium Dual Core E5300 2,6 GHz) and decided to test it. So I played CoD: Black Ops and get some 35-43-50 FPS and then I again with stock clock 2,6 GHz I get 51 FPS and something like that. It was OC-ed to 3,055 GHz and the fan was on 100% all the time. So why do I get lower FPS with OC-ed CPU then with stock CPU?
Sorry about my English.
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  1. Well, you must stress your CPU first with Prime95 for about 30-60 minutes to see whether it's stable or not...
    Remember to manually adjust the VCore, do not let BIOS set it to auto.
    Also check your cpu temps, make sure it's not an overheating.
  2. I don`t think it`s overheating, but my VCore was set to Auto is that the reason?
  3. No, because if you set it to auto then the VCore will automatically increase it's voltage when you raise the FSB...
    BTW, only tried CoD BO? Try the other games as well and Prime 95.
  4. Is 50 C too much for my CPU with stock cooler in Prime 95 OC-ed to 3,25 GHz, and P95 didn`t found any errors in about 20 min. test.
  5. I can`t edit messages so I`m writing a new one.

    I just tested Crysis: Warhead and in one part while I was swimming I had 26 FPS with OC-ed CPU and 33 FPS with stock CPU.

    Could it be because I was using 800x600 res ( my GPU is quite unplayable at something higher than that)?
  6. What, only 800x600?
    What is your FULL specs? tell us that first...
    If you only play at low resolution then higher clock of CPU (OC) isn't going to help you...
  7. I did OC-ed my video card ( 645 MHz GPU/ 450 mem).

    CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core E5300 now again at 2,6
    Video Card: Sapphire Radeon HD 4350 512 MB DD2
    Mobo: Gigabyte G31M-ES2L
    RAM: 2GB DDR2 800 MHz
    HDD: 320 GB SATA Hitachi 7200 rpm
    some Frontier PSU
    and I don`t know anything else .

    I`m upgrading my GPU c**p soon in 2011.
  8. You're quite right there, with your current specs (especially HD4350), I think your result is about right, got 26-33 fps at 800x600.
    Try play at higher resolution (1024x800 or 1280x1024), see how much fps do you get.
    If you want to play with better fps you must get a new graphic card (at least HD4670/HD5670 or GT240), I'm pretty sure you can get higher fps, HD4350 is not a gaming card (it's a HTPC card).
  9. I know that about my card, but when i was buying my PC I thought that only the video memory is important (I know that`s stupid) but now I know that is NOT that important.
  10. So, now we know your problem is your current card, you can stay with it or get a better card like I said before, and yes, do not judge a card by it's VRAM.
  11. What do you think, what card should I buy because I won`t waste my time testing this card?
  12. GT240 or HD5670. You'll see performance increase going from HD4350 to HD5670/GT240. But make sure you get 2.0 version and not 2.1, just for the "safe" side... :)
  13. What do you think about HD 5750 or maybe GTX 460 768MB?
  14. GTX460 or HD5750 (faster than GT240/HD5670) needs 450W+ PSU with (trusted brand), you have frontier PSU, I don't know about the details, so I won't run any card higher than GT240 or HD5670 with that PSU...
  15. What if I run HD5750 on this PSU and if it isn`t enough can it be dangerous for other components?
  16. Then tell us your specific detail about your PSU: Wattage? Amperage on each rails? Open the case and see it for yourself, there's must be some sticker on it...
  17. Yes, technically you can use HD5750 with that PSU, but since that's an unknown brand then I think you'll better with HD5670.
    Do not spend more money, HD5670 is more than enough, I guarantee that you'll see a huge performance increase from HD4350 to HD5670.
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