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I recently built a computer on the ASUS P8Z68-V PRO which has an eSATA port in the cluster. It's been hard to confirm absolutely, but everything I've read implies that the eSATA port is USB powered. However, I have an eSATA cable for both the power and the data but when I plug it in a drive doesn't spin up. I've tested the drive and I know it works. I guess my question is whether anyone can confirme whether or not my eSATA port is supposed to be powered. If it is powered, is there a driver or something that I need to install before it will work?
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    I looked at the eSATA port on my P8Z68-V PRO and it does not look like an eSATAp port which is powered. It just looks like a standard unpowered eSATA connector. I don't see any USB pins on that connector so it would have to be unpowered.

    Where have you read that this port is powered? I would like to know this, for my information, too.

    The data signals portion of the port itself is controlled by the JMicron JMB362 Controller and requires the installation of a device driver.
  2. It turns out it is not powered.
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