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I'm unsure if I can post this here but I have a problem with my Computer.

I cleaned out my computer earlier and upon switching it on I noticed the fans were gradually getting much louder than they were previously, I found this strange and ignored it and by the time Windows Vista had loaded the fans were at what sounded to be 100%, I shut down my computer immediately and decided to check the temperatures in the BIOS. I started by switching the computer on and looking at the CPU temperature, It looked okay at about 45C, then it suddenly started jumping 47-48-50 all the way up to 60 so I'm not going to leave my computer running at high temperatures when there is no need and I didn't have this problem until I cleaned the dust. The heatsink seems to be on correctly and everything else seems to be in place correctly. I was wondering if anybody had an idea of why my CPU's temperature is increasing rapidly when the computer is just in the BIOS? Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Try checking the cpu heat sink if it is seated properly and if the cpu fan is still running. Overheating could be your problem. If you happen to clean the CPU heat sink and remove it try checking it back see if it is seated properly and reapply thermal paste if necessary.
  2. Overheating shouldn't be the problem with a Non-Overclocked Q6600 and an Antec 1200 case should it? The CPU Fan still runs and I have not taken the heatsink completely off, I have undone the push clips and placed it what I think is correctly and pushed the pins securely, and the problem still occurs. Any ideas?
  3. Overheating can still occur even for a stock cpu that is if the cpu fan fail to perform correctly. Maybe your cpu fan is busted? Is it still turning up when you boot the pc?
  4. did you clean the heatsink and apply new TIM? Also are you sure the push pins are fully and correctly fastened to the mother board? The thing really sucks about Intel's method is you pretty much need to remove the mother board and look at the back to verify a good install. What were you getting for temperatures before you cleaned the dust?
  5. The CPU fan is running as normal and starts as soon as the computer boots, everything is as normal apart from the CPU temperatures which increases the fan speeds. I can't understand the problem..

    Antec 1200
    Q6600 @ 2.4ghz
    6GB Memory
    Foxconn CPU Fan which works fine.
    Vista Home
  6. I'm not sure on the temperatures but I know at one point I got around 15C on all cores after cleaning dust previously. The pins are fully and correctly fastened and the heatsink will not move at all. With my Antec 1200 I can see the pins and they are correctly fastened. I cleaned the heatsink without taking it off so I didn't apply new TIM.
  7. If the heatsink was properly seated but the Thermal Paste has run out then what temperatures should I expect? Just now the CPU was running at 57C and the System Temperature was only 13C?
  8. It's possible you broke the bond between the cpu and the heatsink TIM when you cleaned the dust out. The reading of 13c for system temperature is most likely wrong, that's 55.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Unless your room is under 55f that's not correct.
  9. Thanks for all the replies and help, but my computer is up and running at the correct temperatures now. System temperature is now 20c and the CPU is running at 18c. Room temperature is 17c.
  10. Sorry for double post but won't let me edit the previous post. The problem was a crumb on the Thermal Paste, I didn't think this would have such a big effect on the system.
  11. Good deal... Yes even something like a little oil from clean-ish fingers can affect heat transfer a little. That's one pesky crumb ha? LOL

    I'm glad your temperatures dropped, however I find it hard to believe the cpu is sitting 1 degree above ambient temperature. What are you getting for temperatures in Realtemp?
  12. Yes that was one pesky crumb! Upon checking via RealTemp the temperatures are sitting around 6-10c above the ambient temperature. I was using Everest Ultimate Edition before, one of them is correct and i'm guessing it was probably everest? :P
  13. No sir 1c above ambient is very difficult even on water.
  14. I actually meant RealTemp* in the post above not everest, typo :)
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