Please Help - CrucialV4 32GB - win8 - Vslow - 100% utilisation

Hi All,

I've been trying to resolve this situation for some weeks now...

I have the following set up with a V4 on port 0 and a WD HDD on Port 1.

CPU: i3-3220
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7770

I'm experiencing incredibly slow to non response from the SSD; with windows 8 new task manager you can see the utilisation for the drive is frequently at 100% for long periods, the latency is over 1000ms and the transfer rates are terrible. I know its a cheap SSD but I do not believe its ment to be performing in this way...!

This setup was intended to use the SSD for the system only... i've tried a number of things to mitigate the situation:

- ensure plenty of free space (11GB +)
- performed Trim
- left running idle for long periods (for garbage collection)
- disbled indexing
- transfered the pagefile to D
- installed all latest drivers

I've yet to try disabling LPM because the newer versions of Intel RST have iaStor, iaStorA, iaStorF and iaStorV under


which one do I add the LPM, LPMDSTATE and DIPM keys to?

an anwser to my LPM question above and any additional help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.
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