ATi 5970- Second HDMI monitor suddenly blank.

Hi folks,

Heres a strange one for you.

Ok so iv happily been running two monitors, one my primary a samsung 2032bw and a sony bravia 32 LCD. Now the sony LCD was just a clone of my primary and just used it for watching movies and that. Its connected to the 5970 via a HDMI cable.

Anyway i come home today, turn everything on and my sony screen is now blank, checked in CCC and its as if nothing is connected. Checked all leads and all is good and running the latest drivers. Like i say its been running fine for about 8 months now nothing.

Anyone else had this happen or got any ideas?

Im thinking either the HDMI cable has some how gone bad or even worse somethings gone wrong with the GPU!!

Anyway many thanks in advance for any replies and help.

Cheers, Han.
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  1. Try switching HDMI ports and see what happens?
  2. The thing is timpo this sony LCD tv only has one HDMI port. Im just wondering if theres any diagnostic software i can run to check the graphics card.
  3. I meant use HDMI for your Primary Samsung then whatever you uses with that for the TV to rule out if its something with the port.
  4. Never thought of that, just tried it and nothing on my primary so that suggests its the HDMI cable or the DVI to HDMI adaptor. Never had a HDMI cable go bad on me like this, it pretty new as well but it was cheap. Anyway nice one mate an thanks for the help.
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