Many errors on Memtest86+ AND BSOD

Hello, i have recently built my new pc, and i have had 2 problems with the ram so far.

First time was 1 week ago or so, the same day i built and installed windows 7 and everything i got this image.

and i got this same image I THINK, yesterday but it was late at night and my mum called me and asked me and i was too tiered to read it properly but i thing its the same. Or believe so...

So that was 2 BSOD's.

Also because of that yesterday i was told to use memtest86, so i downloaded the memtest86+ version, dont know why... and i run that.

Here are some images.

After pass3 i just thought, no point running any longer, shows how bad this ram is doesnt it...

Anyways should i return it?

Also if i do return it, should i ask for a replacement, or ask for a refund and buy this instead?

because that one will have faster delivery.

thank you :) Not too sure what to do, im using this pc right now, its running fine, just randomly did that BSOD twice...
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  1. Can you list your system specs? It could be that your RAM is not compatible with your motherboard but it's hard to say without know what kind of motherboard.
  2. I have ddr3 1333mhz ram
    MSI 870A-g54 mobo AM3+ mobo
    phenom 955 3.2 ghz x4 ii
    Corsair cx 430 v2 builders series
    500gb samsung spinpoint f3 hdd
    AMD Radeon 6770 1gb GDDR5
  3. How many sticks of RAM do you have installed?
  4. 2 sticks of ddr3 2x2gb

    i cant find the make of the ram, but i got it from here...

    I have 2x2gb ddr3 1333mhz ram
    MSI 870A-g54 mobo AM3+ mobo
    phenom 955 3.2 ghz x4 ii
    Corsair cx 430 v2 builders series
    500gb samsung spinpoint f3 hdd
    AMD Radeon 6770 1gb GDDR5
  6. Personally I wouldn't buy unbranded RAM since there's no guarantee about its quality which may be what it is in this case. For the price you paid I would recommend getting some Ripjaws.

    If you ran MemTest86 right now, would you still get BSOD's?
  7. no, i ran it for 3 hours, and no BSOD, i only got BSOD about memory management twice...

    i didnt realise it was unbranded or anything. So i need an answer, should i return my ram and ask for a refund, and buy something else?
  8. how do i upgrade bios?
    do i need to flash
  10. AMD is very particular with its' RAM and ALL of those errors are NOT #7 only CPU's IMC {CPU is good} and which tells me the RAM or at least 1 stick is indeed 'BAD' assuming (2) things: 1. They are properly seated in the CORRECT DIMM {Blue} slots, 2. The BIOS is set to DEFAULT Values.

    BIOS as long as you have 17.4 or higher your CPU is supported.
  11. i have V17.10... so i guess i need to update. How do i update my bios?

    oh and should i do another MEMTEST86+ test after updating bios?
  12. Use 'M-Flash' you will need a USB 2.0 FAT-32 formatted Flash Drive.
    Download the BIOS ->

    How to videos:
    Official How to by MSI ->
    Example ->

    Yep, after the BIOS update re-run Memtest. However, I have my doubts it will change the results, but I hope they do :)

    pkhamidar2com said:
    i have V17.10...

    I assume you meant 17.1 there's no 17.10 and the latest is 17.D; the progression is 17.9->17.A->17.D

    ------------ Confirmation of CPU + BIOS Version: ------------

    CPU "phenom 955 3.2 ghz x4 ii" ; = Version 17.4

    Description - Support AMD 6 core CPU.
    - Improved memory compatibility.
    Version 17.4
    Type AMI BIOS Release Date 2010-05-17
    Download File Size 0.81 MB

    Phenom II X4 Deneb HDX955FBK4DGI x955 200 3.20 2M 6M C2 125
    Phenom II X4 Deneb HDX955FBK4DGM x955 200 3.20 2M 6M C3 125
    Phenom II X4 Deneb HDX955WFK4DGM x955 200 3.20 2M 6M C3 95
    Phenom II X4 Deneb HDZ955FBK4DGI 955 200 3.20 2M 6M C2 125
    Phenom II X4 Deneb HDZ955FBK4DGM z955 200 3.20 2M 6M C3 125
  13. thank you jaquith, i have a few questions though

    1) Is it safe to flash, it was saying that its dangerouse or something... im worried it might screw up my pc

    2) If the results of memtest after updating bios are still bad, should i return my ram? If so should i buy from a better company and buy a kingston branded or corrsair branded ram or something?

  14. 1. Nothing's 100% guaranteed safe; 'M-Flash' is the safest way for your MOBO to flash its BIOS. IF your MOBO is under warranty then the worst is a bricked MOBO and you'll need to RMA to the reseller {30 days} or MSI per warranty. Further, ONLY flash the BIOS IF it's totally stable in the BIOS screens.

    IF the BIOS FAILS see 'BIOS Recovery Feature' at bottom of page ->

    2. Yep & Yep - G.SKILL, Corsair, Kingston are very reputable and double-check for 'Lifetime' warranties. ;)

    edit: See the Test Report {QVL} which has a list of Certified RAM for your MOBO ->
  15. How do i know if its stable? BTW the one i bought also has lifetime warranty.

    anyways yes will try that bios upgrade.

    also you know that list of compatible ram. Is that only those types of ram will work? or will ram outside of that list work?

    also how do i make it bootbale, my flash drive?
  16. Stable -> Boot into the BIOS and leave it there for 30 minutes if it stays on you're good, and since you can run Memtest that would indicate it's stable.

    Current RAM = Kingston 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1066 (PC3 8500) Desktop Memory Model KVR1066D3N7/4G

    RAM QVL Listed:
    64-bit OS F3-10666CL9D-8GBRL -
    32-bit OS KVR1333D3N9K2/4G -

    Kits I know to work:
    32-bit OS F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL
    64-bit OS F3-10666CL9D-8GBRL

    Flash Drive ->
  17. Also, I assume IF using a Single DIMM (1 stick) that it is installed in the left-most Blue DIMM slot....
  18. hello, i got a reply from my seller

    Here we are sending email from our tech person with some solutions. The suggestions are as per our experience in smiliar situation. So please do not misunderstand us. All we are trying to help you in this situation.
    At first glance, I thought that memory was just bad and regular exchange would work. But after reading one post online, I contacted manufacturer support.

    This is unique scenario for you. You do need LOW density memory module for MSI 870a-g54 AM3+, but your System manufacturer is picky. What they need is not same spec as we have advertised. Their requirement is slightly different and there is cost difference.

    We do offer the upgrade as option - if you wish, and there is no
    additional profit. You only pay for cost difference.

    You had purchased Qty 1 & paid $32.73 for 4GB 2 X 2GB DDR3 1333 PC3 10600 1333MHz DESKTOP 4 GB Go

    These are three Options for you

    Option 1: Refund.

    Option 2: Upgrade

    UPGRADE to MAJOR manufacturer as specifically recommended by Manufacturer. Price difference is high but then you know it is what you have been asked by manufacturer to have. Cost difference is $27.78 for 2x2gb

    Option 3: Replacement:- We will replace your non working sticks with NEW memory.

    can you guys help me choose a good ram that will work with my mobo?
  19. It seems like you had (2) problems:
    1. BIOS required update for CPUID
    2. BIOS 'SPD' is improperly reading the RAM as 1333 MHz

    I just noticed the problem above in the Memtest screen - you are running DDR3 1333 MHz but the link to your RAM is DDR3 1066.

    RAM info 1066 MHz 7-7-7 ->

    Assuming DDR3 1066 & BIOS:
    FSB/DRAM Ratio -> {5.33:1 1066/200 or 2.67:1 533/200}
    * So so that the: Adjust DRAM Frequency = 1066MHz

    DRAM Timing Mode /Enter
    * Set timings 7-7-7 (CAS-TRCD-TRP)

    Good Luck!
  20. wait i dont get it... what does any of that mean?

    You know i havnt updated bios yet.

    Ok i have a few questions. Should i update bios, is it NEEDED for solve this problem.

    What do you mean bios update required for CPUID?
    What do you mean BIOS SPD is reading it as 1333mhz?
    The link to my ram? It says the ram is Memory Speed: 1333Mhz PC10600 which is 1333mhz... where did you get 1066 from?
    BTW my ram is generic, i asked the seller that question and he said that the ram isnt kingston or corsair, its generic...

    where did you get 1066 from? its pc3 10600 but the speed is 1333mhz...

    so what should i do?
  21. Look at your images you posted above, besides the BSOD, and note RAM 666 MHz (DDR3 1333) - problem your RAM is Rated for 533 MHz (DDR3 1066).

    The RAM YOU linked is 1066 MHz ->
    Later the RAM YOU linked is 1333 MHz ->
    Which is it? Is it MIXED 1333 & 1066? - Explain?

    Just do what I posted above and let me know.
  22. the ram i have is the ebay one. The latter ram, the ebuyer one was the one i was proposing to buy. But i dont think i will buy that.

    Anyways do what? what should i do?
  23. First, the CPUID is the information the BIOS requires to properly run a CPU, if it lacks the CPUID {BIOS} it dummies-down the CPU AND you get all sorts of 'oddball' problems including BSDO, Post Failures, galore errors...

    Let's assume it's typical but cheap DDR3 1333 RAM with CAS 9-9-9-24 @1.50v

    1. BIOS required update for CPUID
    2. BIOS 'SPD' is improperly reading the RAM as 1333 MHz

    I just noticed the problem above in the Memtest screen - you are running DDR3 1333 MHz but the link to your RAM is DDR3 1066.

    RAM info UNKNOWN; See CPU-z 'SPD' tab to verify CAS Timings for JEDEC 667 MHz ->

    Assuming DDR3 1333 MHz & BIOS:
    FSB/DRAM Ratio -> {6.67:1 1333/200 or 3.33:1 667/200}
    * So so that the: Adjust DRAM Frequency = 1333MHz

    DRAM Timing Mode /Enter
    * Set timings 9-9-9-24 (CAS-TRCD-TRP-TRAS)
  24. im still really confused in what to do. You should know im a noob in this stuff. First of all i thought i already said that it was the ebay one, not the 1333 mhz one, so why are you saying that the link is 1066?

    you say that those instructions are for if i have a 1066mhz ram... i have 1333 mhz ram...

    shoudl i still do what you say... i dont even get how to do what you are saying...

    also i checked those pictures out, they all say setting: 666mhz ram...

    ??? im really confused...
  25. pkhamidar2com said: say that those instructions are for if i have a 1066mhz ram... i have 1333 mhz ram...
    You need to do (2) things: 1. Update your BIOS as shown above, 2. Manually set the RAM Frequency & CAS Timings.

    IF this does not correct/fix the problem then RETURN your RAM for one of the sets I posted above.

    IF this is too complicated then FIRST - RETURN your RAM, SECOND - if you still have a problem then take your PC to a service center e.g. Geek Squad. Perhaps IF you purchase the RAM from them AND bring your PC in then they 'might' set it up for free - maybe.

    Look again. This is you Manually setting the RAM vs Auto.

    Assuming DDR3 1333 MHz & BIOS:
    FSB/DRAM Ratio -> {6.67:1 1333/200 or 3.33:1 667/200}
    * So so that the: Adjust DRAM Frequency = 1333MHz
  26. hello i have a question.

    I am going to upadte the bios but is there any difference in flashing bios or doing it via windows?

    here, scroll to the bottom

    BTW i keep getting an error when i try to download my bios through live update. IT says download fail, but thing is i have windows 7 64 bit, and the bios that the msi give is i think for 32 bit as it doesnt launch on my pc....
  27. As I said I prefer only USB methods like 'M-Flash' and the reason is the low 'brick' rate compared to that of 'Windows.' So will 'Live Update 5' work sure, is the 'brick' rate higher sure. 'Bricking' means that your MOBO flash failed and none of the 'recovery' procedures fixed the failed BIOS Flashing - 'Brick' aka expensive paperweight. If you're stuck to Windows then I would run MSCONFIG -> Diagnostic mode, reboot and try the App again plus verify and disable ANY anti-virus/Malware application(s). Once completed MSCONFIG -> Normal mode and reboot.

    Video {poor quality} ->

    Therefore, IMO the ONLY method to use in 'Live Update 5' is the USB method see:

  28. Ok, i will do it in usb mode. Quick question, i know theres alot of questions but i really dont want my mobo to brick..

    Anyways you were saying before that i have to make my usb into a bootable drive right? And then that video by msi shows you how you drag the files into your bootable drive yes?

    Well, will "in dos mode (USB)" do exactly the same thing? Just format a 1gb (is 1gb enough?) pendrive to fat 32, full format that is, then choose that usb stick?

    But thing is you say to go into Mflash right?
    But that guide just says

    After restart, please set the computer to boot from USB. When the computer restarts from USB, please follow the instruction to update BIOS.

    doesnt say anything about Mflash? So any difference?
  29. Just follow the directions -> and choose the 'In DOS mode. (USB)' and a 1GB Flash Drive is plenty. Live Update 5 makes the USB bootable and places the required files and formatting on the USB.

    If for some reason it doesn't boot to the USB then you'll need to temporarily change the boot priority in the BIOS to the USB Flash Drive in the 1st priority.
  30. i updated bios... but it came up with this screen, it was black, anbd it said press cmos bad or something, and it said press f1 for set up, f2 for load deafalt drivers and thingy, and then i pressed f2 and i selected boot from sata hard drive.

    But i have a problem. I dont get how to set the ram thing. Where do i go to?

    there are some pictures, i dont know how to change the timing though....
  31. This image suggests a pooched BIOS in other words the BIOS is quasi working but corrupted -> ; if a Clear CMOS {Jumper Method} fails to correct the problem then IMO RE-Flash the BIOS. Also, IMO return the RAM for a good quality matched set from a reputable company: G.SKILL, Corsair, Kingston, Mushkin, or Crucial.

    As far as the other images, other than the Command Rate {1T/2T Memory Timing -> 2T} it all looks correct for 'SPD' RAM defaults, at DDR3 1333 MHz 1T or 2T isn't going to cause tons of Memory errors.

    Here's a regime to follow for memory errors:
    1. Clear CMOS ; Failure -> next
    2. Update BIOS ; Failure -> next
    3. HSF - if the HSF is aftermarket and there's any metal to MOBO install plastic washers so that the HSF doesn't cause a short ; Stock HSF or Failure -> next
    4. Boot with only (1) stick of RAM at a time and swap sticks ; Failure -> next
    5. Standoff / I/O shorting - unscrew both the MOBO & PCIe screws, pull the MOBO out so that it dangles but is supported bay a towel away from anything conductive ; Failure -> RMA {exchange} RAM.
    6. Downclock the RAM to DDR3 1333 or DDR 1066 speeds this typically suggests incompatible RAM and/or CPU incompatible to RAM speeds. Solution increase FSB {240} or BCLK {160} MHz and some MOBO's offer 'DOCP' to accommodate RAM speeds ; Failure -> Replace RAM with Compatible or otherwise QVL listed RAM. Failure again -> Next
    7. RMA RAM + Failure -> RMA the MOBO.
  32. thats much too complicated :/ , that huge list, i didnt understand anything, im no expert like you...

    i think its just easier if i return and replace ram huh?

    BTW what is CMOS? Whats jumper method? Should i reflash the bios like i just did, insert the 1gb thing, boot from that, install and reflash? I didnt use mflash or anything, i just created it bootable, and then i just set it to boot priority first.

    Is my mobo ok, is there a chance its now gonna be bricked?

    also if it comes to that screen again, with the f1 and f2, what should i press? f1 or f2?

    i will later link you to some rams im willing to buy, will you check them for me?
  33. F2 and yes IMO return the RAM. Idea - if you purchase the RAM locally bring your PC over to them and ask that they both install and check the RAM - they might check it for free.

    If you look in your manual the CMOS and procedure will be explained, the Jumper is used to clear the CMOS and often corrects 'corruptions.'

    IF the new RAM doesn't correct the pr
  34. Just to add. I know hindsight is 20/20 but didn't it occur to anyone here that recommending a BIOS update on a computer with faulty RAM might lead to BIOS corruption? I mean the computer must be making use of the faulty RAM to store the BIOS image file during the update process and so the BIOS gets corrupted as well :D Sad but true. The guy obviously has faulty RAM and there was NO need for a BIOS update in the first place.
  35. @pkhamidar2com : Return the RAM for a full refund. Don't buy anything from this vendor again. Buy memory from a computer shop near you or from reputable online etailers like newegg. Buy kingston, corsair, gskill RAM. Don't buy generics.
  36. I know Memtest and I know when the count is as low - as it is it's SAFE to flash, plus I know how the BIOS checksum's work. The BIOS data is read straight to the BIOS memory from the USB. The primary concern is that in 'BIOS' the system can remain stable, and if Memtest can run for 2 Hrs 43 Min then that's proof enough for me.

    So yes I looked very closely. In contrast if the numbers were through the roof or the BIOS were unstable then I'd have recommend new RAM + stable BIOS. It's a catch-22, if the CPUID info is bad then under heavy load both the RAM and IMC are going to produce errors.

    here is the picture of the manual. So i assume i want to clear the manuel. But i dont get what the jumper is...

    I also know from this picture

    that the cmos jumper is that little yellow thing.

    Ok so what ive gathered is that the yellow thing short cuts the mobo or something?

    So my question is, is the cmos jumper usually set to "keep data" and then do i just move it to "clear data" then turn it on, go into bios or something, then what? Do i turn it off and go back to keep data?

    Does clearing data remove all bios versions and formats the bios or something?

    what do i do?

    what does JBAT1 mean? Can you tell me what to do?

    I know the cmos is that silver round battery in the mobo.

    So your saying i can keep the ram, and it is fine? Anyhow i will probably return this ram.

    I was thinking this ram, it looks good.

    from that list

    as that was on the list, would that be ok?

    or that one too, that was also on the list.

    I cant spend a load of money on new ram, but those are good prices. What do you think?
  38. hello? anyone? jaquith?
  39. The 'jumper' opens/closes a circuit like a switch. Read the manual and temporarily change the jumper position as described in the manual. You pull-out the jumper and push-into position. JBAT is the jumper to turn on/off the battery to the CMOS {BIOS settings memory}, by moving it it looses power and the CMOS is cleared.

    IMO if the Clear CMOS fails and (1) stick fails -> try the other (1) stick then you probably need to bring the PC in for service. I outlined 1-7 above to problem solve, and if you're uncomfortable doing those items then I'm not recommending that your do any of them.

    edit: you'll know the CMOS has been cleared if the BIOS Date & Time needs to be set. Also, the PSU carries residual power so often pulling the CMOS battery doesn't properly clear the CMOS - hence the 'Jumper Method.' Remember to set the Date &Time in the BIOS.
  40. Ok i did it, how do i know if it worked?

    It said cmos time has to be set, said press f1 for set up (takes me to bios screen) or press f2 for load deafult values and thingy

    so i pressed f1, went and set up the time as it was stated on my phone.

    What do i do now? How do i know if its all fixed?

    And can you please look into my previous post about the ram i posted?
  41. For starters run Memtest again. If it runs without errors for 4-passes or 1~2 hours then you're good.

    RAM - see the {Stable -> Boot into the BIOS} post above.

    The Kingston KVR1333D3N9/4G is NOT in a kit so adding 'more' for Dual Channel later can present itself as a problem. More info ->
  42. but thats much too expensive, the gskill one, i cant afford to spend 50 pounds on ram like that....

    what about this? this looks fine to me. it was also on that list.
  43. The Corsair should be fine. How about Memtest and BSOD's?
  44. well im going to do a memtest86+ test now, so ill report back in a few seconds. Im going to do both sticks though. No point in returning just one, best if i just get a whole new set, unless the problem is fixed obviously.
  45. ok before i tell you the results. I dont know whether the bios worked or not as when i turn the pc on, when there SHOULD be that screen with the colour showing MSI and the "gamer series" stuff, it doesnt show that, it jus thsows the black screen saying "mouse, keyboard, stat drive etc..."...

    so yeah, thats weird.. the boot image is gone.

  46. Send back the RAM. If the NEW RAM doesn't solve the problem then do as I said above or also send the MOBO back as well.
  47. ok
    hopefully its just the ram. I hope its not a mobo problem :/

    BTW what about the boot image, is it ok if there is no boot image?
  48. I don't know what your Defaults are, but I constantly get requests on 'how to turn them off' - ASUS/GA/MSI/etc. If the PC boots successfully into Windows with NO BSOD then it's a move in the right direction. You need to eliminate the errors.

    You could also try running the RAM underclocked to 1066 MHz:
    FSB/DRAM Ratio -> {5.33:1 1066/200 or 2.67:1 533/200}
    * So so that the: Adjust DRAM Frequency = 1066MHz

    Cheap RAM - might also solve the problem. Couldn't hurt so give it a try.
  49. I got the ram refunded :)

    how is this ram. It was also on the list.


    it was that... but

    i typed in


    basically optional 2gb or 4gb, i chose 4gb.

    Do you think that ram is ok, its 5 pounds cheaper than the corsair one

    should i get that or should i get the corsair one. As in that one is kingston so it looks good.

    What do you think jaquieth?
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