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I just finished my new build and everything works great. the only thing is that i don't know how to connect the light i'm not sure if it is cathode or not that comes with my case. My case is an XION AXP 100 and yes i am a newb :) The plug for the "V" light is on a very short wire so it's to short to reach my mobo so i dont think it is that. the plug itself is a 2 small pin plug. i found a 3 pin cord from the psu but idk if that is the right one, it is long enought o reach from the psu to the plug for the light though thanks in advance
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  1. Usually when you buy a cathode light, it comes with a converter. The one that I have is a little blue box that connects to a switch on the back of the case, and to the power supply. The two pin plugs into the converter.

    It looks like this:

    I have an extra one: PM me if you want it.
  2. yep it looks like that. You can also just buy an extension.
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