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Hi everyone and here's my question.

I need a replacement for my onboard sound. the reason being that when my speakers decided to go out, they fried my onboard sound as well. :fou: I've been looking at sound cards for the past month (that's how long I've been without sound) but I can't decide on one. and my budget being no more then $25 (including S&H). I'm just looking for a reliable one, that won't give me a alot of problems. I mostly play games, as well as some music, and surfing the web when i'm bored.

Athlon II x2 250
ASRock M3A770DE
MSI 5550
Antec 430w psu
500gb hard drive

P.S. this computer will become my backup next year when I build a new computer (Bulldozer anyone :D )
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  1. Was the on board satisfactory sound wise? If so just grab a 30 dollar creative card.
  2. What OS are you running?

    PLEASE - Stay away from creative cards, bro. They are nothing but trouble, even $30 on any sound card is better spent on buying fish and feeding them :P

    you say you play games, and listen to you see yourself as a gamer or an audiophile, even a lil?

    $25 - um this Turtle Beach RIVIERA PCI Sound Card with 5.1 Surround Sound - OEM goes for $28 with shipping

    * like i mentioned, your better off buying doing something with that $30 but better you invest about $100, it'll be less than that - this HT | OMEGA STRIKER 7.1 Channels PCI Interface Sound Card costs $90 with free shipping and the sound card is able to migrate to your new bulldozer rig and you'll be better off than any creative cards cos the card has windows 7 support , good support. Plus you have good connectivity options.

    All in all, $100 put to good use instead of $30.
  3. @ sportsfanboy don't know, I never got to hear the onboard sound when my speakers fried it :(

    @lutfij I just upgraded to windows 7 (no problems so far). and i don't plan on moving the sound card over to my bulldozer build as that will be a completely new build with the cpu. Oh and I wish I had a $100, if I had that I'd be getting a new motherboard instead of a sound card.

    P.S. guess what, my (old) speakers were creative :P so I must of lucked out because they were older then the previous comp I had, which was going on 7 :)

    Anyway, I'm more of a gamer and I like listening to the music on my computer when I'm playing on the 360 or surfing the web. and if the sound card works, I'm good considering all i'm listening to right now the fans of my computer or music I can play from the 360. all I really want is a reliable sound card that will last.

    Edit: I think I may of found one that's just about right, i'm sure through -
  4. ^ well i still have 2 pairs of the soundworks with me, FPS1000 and a creative soundworks 2:1 setup. still good for recreational use :)

    the turtle beach would be a better buy than the the SIIG but then again, your using a headphone for spending your idle time.
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