SSD's in raid or ACHI?

With two different SSD hardrives (256GB SAMSUNG 840 and 256GB CRUCIAL M4) would a RAID or ACHI configuration work better? I know that with the SSDs in a RAID 0 configuration, sequencial read and write as well as the random write are all faster. The only thing faster on the individual drives (ACHI) is the random read, which is true for each SSD. I primarily game (which I know is not much affected by the HDD or SSD). I plan on having my system boot up on the SSD (Samsung or RAID) with storage on 2 1TB hardrives already in a RAID 0. Any advice on wether to boot my system on RAID 0 SSDs or a single SSD.
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    Only certain intel chipsets support trim for raid ssds. Also, two different drives would double the speed of the slowest of the two. I would load the OS on one (with no other drives attached), then add the 2nd ssd and hdd. Use the second SSD for games and programs you want to load fast...
  2. I brushed up on TRIM, something I have never heard of. Thanks for the info, I have a i7-2600K (6 series) so I now know that I will have better loading results with ACHI since my chipset does not have TRIM support for RAID 0. I was going to make the mistake of using a SSD RAID 0 until your post, thanks again.
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  4. Enjoy your new setup. Thanks for the thumbs up...
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