PCI Simple Communication Controller

I can't succeed to download the driver for the "PCI Simple Communication Controller".

On my new built computer, under device manager it shows that the PCI Simple Communication is not working.

Does anyone know what to do?

Please note that the motherboard is a Gigabyte H67MA-USB3 B3
(Already downloaded all driver for the motherboard).

The processor is an Intel i7 - 2600k

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. There's no PCI controller driver, there is a Chipset driver.
  2. pepe2907 said:
    There's no PCI controller driver, there is a Chipset driver.

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    Could you please be more specific? On my computer, under Device Manager, the PCI Simple Communication Controller is indicated as not working.

    I downloaded all the driver for the motherboard but it still indicate that it is not working.

    Any idea way? What is that PCI Simple Communication for? What is the Chipset driver? Where do I get the driver for it?

    Any clarification will be greatly appreciated.
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    PCI ports are controlled directly by the chipset, usually the southbridge /in the case of a two-chip chipset/, so their conrol lies on the chipset driver /it's driver, there is no driver for the chipset driver :)/. You may download the driver from here:
    If it doesn't help - ask again :)
  4. did you install the Intel Management Engine Interface software?
  5. PCI Simple Communication device is probably an old dial-up modem. That's how they were marked when they were widely used to acces internet, some years ago. If you were updating and old computer, and ported all PCI device to the new, maybe there was an old modem in there
  6. troublezn said:
    did you install the Intel Management Engine Interface software?

    troublezn is right.

    Click this link: Linky!

    It will take you to the Intel Download Center, and it has already auto-searched for the software you need. Download the Intel ME: Management Engine Driver (dated 7/25/2011, version which is the top result. I know that it says it's for Intel boards, but it will work for any board with a 61/67 chipset.
  7. The second link I posted is to the Intel management engine. There is no need to go to the Intel site and install it twice.
  8. That's generally true, but don't you prefer to install the newest version of the drivers when you get the chance? I know I do. Unless Gigabyte is really on the ball, the drivers from Intel's site are newer.
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