Help choosing from list of Cases

What I'm looking for:
-A good air cooling system (GTX 470 without OC)
-Reliability (No issues of hardware incompatibilities)
-Cable Management (more of a plus rather than a necessity)

Lian Li Pc-P50b Armorsuit
Cooler Master Storm Scout
Cooler Master Cosmos 1000
Thermaltake Element S
Thermaltake Element V
Thermaltake Armor A90

Note that I'm aware that better options exist,but these are pretty much the best ones I can get because of importing issues.I can still use some other model suggestions,but no additional brands please.

Also,I'd really appreciate it if you could make a 3-step hierarchy of what you'd choose.Like


Thanks =)
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  1. 1| CM Cosmos 1000 cos it also supports E-ATX boards, which will help if your upgrading tech with eATX mobo's
    2| CM Scout is designed as a lan gaming rig, it'll have issues with keeping the case in a closed environment e.g: inside a table drawer system/cabinet. cable management will be tight in it. one ssd mount option.
    3| Tt Element V also handles an eATX board and has good cabling and HDD's arrangement as well as SSD's

    all the cases specified are good with cables and HDD arrays. IF you watercooling, then the rad placement becomes a question to think about. Whether you'll have it inside or out...but the cases, listed will handle the rads ontop of case, inside the top of case.

    BY FAR - the COSMOS 1000 is your best buy :) hands down, with or without a watercooling setup in mind.
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