Different makes?

Hi guys , im asking you's what is better to go with.. this brand and website http://www.b4udirect.com/Graphics%20Card/Leadtek/b4u35115181

or go for this brand and website http://www.ebuyer.com/product/202257

And whether the £40 more is worth it...
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  1. i'd go with the one from ebuyer
  2. it's better to go with the first one....it's the best deal you can get but...the things to remember is the warranty.....go for it...
  3. They're both reference cards, so Id say go for the cheaper one.
  4. think i may just be going with the one from ebuyer though.. do you's know what is better between gigabyte and asus though for manufacturing graphic cards?
  5. Gigabyte and Asus are one of good brands, don't worry about that.
    Agree with Timop, both are reference cards, i would say get the cheapest one... :)
  6. Generally when dealing with two reference cards like that you need to balance price with warranty, keeping in mind that AIB's reputation for honouring warranties.
    Save yourself a little bit and go cheapest in this case i'd say.
  7. what is standard warranty though?
  8. There's no such thing with AIB's. They are all different, some countries have legal minimums on warranties etc but otherwise you're at their mercy.

    Generally 2-3 years is acceptable, some go less, some more, some are lifetime. Ultimately its up to you.
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