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My Mom owns a E Machine T5048 which came with Windows XP. Shes been having lots of problems with her computer and asked me to look at it. Its been running real slow (to the point where shes just rather not use it at all). So she thought it would help if she bought windows 7 and for me to go ahead and install it on the computer. So when i got the PC I went ahead and installed the Windows 7, as it was installing i went to go search for drivers for her computer and I've come up with nothing. She has a Nvidia graphics card so I can get the driver for that but as far as her network driver and audio driver I cant seem to find it any where. The audio seems to work okay, but I still can't find the network drivers.

Any one have an idea where i can get these drivers for this computer? I've been on the e machine website searching, I've search Google like crazy. The motherboard is Intel model: D101GGC.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Jacob G.
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  1. Go to Intel's web site and look there for the model. Although if it's old, won't do much good if they don't have drivers for it.

    The issue with the PC is 99% not with the fact that is has XP on it. A good setup of XP with no viruses, crap software, toolbars, etc.. runs about as good as Windows 7.

    Just re-install XP on the thing. Or if everything works aside from network, buy a network card that does have Windows 7 drivers.
  2. From the specifications by intel for D101GGC


    the audio & Networking chips are from Realtek

    You can get Audio drivers from here

    YOu can get the Networking drivers from here


    But I agree with Hang the 9 regarding Slowness of computer & i'll recommend going back for XP
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