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At times my monitor will not recieve signal, I took it to the PC shop and they tested it and without even touching it, it was giving signal, so puzzled I took it back home and it worked for like 2 months now it's doing it again, strange enough I noticed that if I tilt the computer to the right or slide it softly it starts working again, then regardless if I move it or not, it works and it's like the problem is gone, I checked everything, there's no current going trough the chasis, everything is sitting okay, changed the DVI cable, and still got the problem at times, so I was totally convinced it was the monitor. But tonight I got the same problem again so I plugged it on my HDTV and it wasn't getting signal either, then my brother's monitor and no go.
I don't think it's my videocard because it happens also when I plug it into the motherboard also happens.

Any thoughts on what could be wrong?
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  1. Oh forgot to add, it's working again like nothing happened, tried moving it all around, and couldn't replicate the problem
  2. Need a bit more info...what MB are you using? Hard to say on a come again leave again problem like this....with the little you've given me it could be a chip problem in the MB, but this is little more than a SWAG without more info!
    MB brand, how old is the system, had any near miss lightning storms? Theres alot could be going on here!
  3. Asrock G31M-S R2.0
    Intel core 2 duo E4400
    Corsair DHX DDR2 4GB
    ATI 4770
    Corsair 600W PSU

    Right now I slightly tilted my CPU and it lost image then gave it again, and actually I don't get the "No signal" thing, the screen is just black on HDTV and the same on my monitor, it sits iddle.

    The connectors are tight, even tried different cables, took appart the PC 2 times already.

    Oh, I have a powersurge protector and battery, I also always turn off and unplug the PC and other stuff on electric storms, and my CPU is 4 years old, mobo, RAM, and VGA are like 9 months old.
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    If you can change whats its doing by moving the case....leaning it over, tipping it back...or whatever, then you have a loose part on something inside. Also have you tryed pulling out the video card ...blow out the slot with canned air and re-seat the card?
    Do you have another video card you can swap in to check if its from that?
    Thats about all i can figure at this point....something is loose or having some interference getting the signal out from the video card is my best guess

    good luck, Dead
  5. Well I think I found out the problem, one of the slots of the video card seem the fault, for some reason if I tighten the screws of the cable the image goes off, if I loosen them it starts displaying again, I changed to the other slot and it was working normally.
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  7. WTG, glad I could help you sort it out!!

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