Graphic Card Question: Part Deux

Hello again fellow pc people!!! I have another question for you guys. I've narrowed my vid card choice down to either the GTx-470 OR the ati 5870. I know certain cards work better on certain games, benchmark different and the like. I'm looking at overall performance. Which card is overall the better card, the 5870 or the 470? I'm looking for overallf factors like drivers/driver support, etc.
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  1. Like you have said - each card is better in certain titles, overall cards r pretty close, 5870 is slightly faster, BUT gtx470 can be bought for about $100 cheaper than 5870 and it makes it a better buy. Id suggest to get one with lifetime warranty EVGA, ZOTAC, PNY or SPARKLE. Drivers wise nvidia was always slightly better.
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