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How long will dual cpus run games?

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December 10, 2010 7:43:37 PM

ok so here's the deal i have a celeron e3300 and i oc it to 2.75gHz (it's max,very crappy mobo) wich isn't enough to run black ops..
shoud i buy a better motherboard so i can oc 3.0gHz+ or get a quad or six core cpu?
i mean how many years will e3300 run games (minimum settings) overclocked to,say 3.5gHz? :) 
EDIT:i ment dual core cpu's in the title,sry
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December 10, 2010 7:58:41 PM

I would never reccomend buying something that isn't a sure thing and you don't know for a fact you're cpu will be stable at 3.0 ghz... and even at 3.o its still not going to give a huge boost... i'd say it might be time to upgrade. alot of games are using dual cores now a good bit 3 and some will go beyond that. what would your budget be? if you're willing to go amd you'd be surprised how cheap you can get a good 4 core processor and mobo possibly even upgrade to ddr3

here's a 4 core w/ 4 gigs ddr3 and a good mobo combo for $199.00
a b à CPUs
December 10, 2010 8:02:16 PM

yes,well actually i was thinking of switching to amd and ddr3,cool,thanks :)