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Typical SSD questions.

Okay, so I just purchased a 128gb SSD corsair vertex 4.

My MOBO is running it via IDE I know that this is not the correct settings. But, I seem to run into problems every time I do set it to anything else. I currently have a secondary 500gb HDD that I would like to run also. Both are connect to SATA 6gbs connectors via sata cables. I want to continue to run both but I keep getting a BSOD when I run it at the different setting.

Anyone know how to fix this?

M4A89GTD Pro usb3 is my motherboard for reference.

Also, as a side. What are some things I should do first with my SSD to get the best performance. I'm completely new to the SSD world.
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    Since your SSD was in IDE mode when you installed Windows on it you have to edit the Windows Registry file before you can change SATA modes.

    Here are instructions on how to edit the Registry file:
  2. Now, for my secondary 500gb standard harddrive will it run AHCI?
  3. Yes. There is no O/S on it so there should be no issues.
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  5. Thanks for the help.
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