Quad processor with cheap mother board ?? can i get max quad performan

hi guys,
i am little bit confused about buying cheap mobo..
confusion is that if i use quad processor like Q8400 with p5g41t mobo,, can i get maximum performance?
or should i use expensive motherboard?
what is the main difference between cheap mobo and the an expensive one? in case both can support quad processors :s
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  1. Some differences are Max Memory supported, Dual or Triple Channel Memory,
    Number of PCI Express lanes (for video cards), whether they are PCIE 2.0 x16 or 1.0,
    # of USB ports, USB 2.0 or 3.0
    Onboard Sound, and the corresponding audio outputs (optical, rca, ect.)

    these are the main differences in price of motherboards that have the same socket and chipset.
  2. Thank you Arges86.

    it means that i can use cheap mobo like p5g41t .. :d or should i buy quad with cheap mobo or core i3 with normal board? i am gonna use 4650 gpu for few months after that ill upgrade to 5770 may be.
  3. intel is not a good option currently for budget builds have you looked into amd?
  4. no i dont know even a bit abou amd :S
  5. Cheap motherboards have lower end chipsets. This means they tend to not overclock as well, or have all the "bells and whistles" of more expensive boards. They tend to lack firewire, have less SATA and USB ports, memory slots, etc. They also won't support CF/SLI. The biggest thing they lack are premium capacitors, so the board will fail sooner then the other ones. (You should still get many years out of it.) As long as your willing to accept these differences there is no reason to not get one. It should still score within a few percentage points of a P45 board.
  6. Q8400 is garbage. For a beginners build I would spend less on the mobo and more on the cpu. Tell us what you have now and how much you want to spend to upgrade.
  7. 500 $ minimum
  8. $500 should get you an Athlon X3 or X4 with a 5770 or GTS 450
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