Today, I decided to install my new OCZ Vertex 4 SSD. I put a new copy of windows on it, and it runs great. But, I am having a problem with my programs on my old HDD. At first, when i plugged them both in, My ssd was my C drive and my HDD was my F drive. I changed my HDD to drive D, just because I liked it better that way. I tried running a few programs from my old drive. most of them did not run, and those that did had none of the information/saves that i had on the drive (ex, run google chrome, none of my bookmarks/history was there). If I boot up the old drive (windows is still installed) all my stuff is still there, as expected. Do I have to create hard links just to use these programs, or do I have to reinstall them to work? Putting all of my programs on the C drive is not an answer. I would like to have the OS only on the C drive, and all of my other programs on the D drive. Also, my current sata mode is AHCI
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    You must re-install the applications & programs again that you installed on the HDD before you fitted the SSD drive. The reason they don't run now is because the new Registry (in your new windows installation) does not contain the required keys and values for those programs.

    The only way to rectify that is by installing them again.
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