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Ive had 2 x 1gb HyperX kingston ram sticks and my windows performance of memory would show as 5.7 but recently ive added another stick of 2Gb Kingston which is the same speed and now it shows at 5.1 :S .. i use windows vista business 32bit and i want to know if upgrading it to a 64bit OS change anything? or if i should add another 2gb stick? :S

Core2duo 3.0
Asus p5w DH deluxe motherboard
Nvidia Geforce Gt240
4Gb Ram
550 Watts PSU
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  1. You ended up dropping it into single channel mode when it had been in dual channel mode so the bandwidth is halved, however, the additional capacity should make up for it. See if it feels slower, i doubt it will, the WEI isnt a very useful benchmark and can give you confusing information. The additional 2GB should help performance more than single channel mode hurts it.
  2. it does kind of feel slower , specially when it boots .. so changing the OS to 64bit wouldnt affect it? because ive read that in a 32bit OS 4gb isnt even supported :S
  3. 4gb is the limit a 32bit OS can support in total so you have to subtract memory already allocated like bios, I.O ports, graphics which leaves you with 3-3.8Gb of usable ram. If you add another 2gb stick you will regain your dual channel and upgrading to a 64bit OS will make use of it all.
  4. yes he is right see
  5. thank you , i guess ill just upgrade my OS then :)
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