ATI Radeon HD5770 Display Issue

Good afternoon to everyone reading this topic!

I have a problem which I hope isn't a serious issue, but I spent a total of 7 hours yesterday trying to alleviate the problem, so I came here hoping for some guidance and feedback. First off let me tell you how everything happened and the steps I took yesterday to try to fix it and we can go from there... I would also like to state that I'm currently at work and if you need specific specs, I might not know the answer to them until around 5pm tonight. Ok, here we go.

Specs off the top of my head:

Windows XP 32-bit
ATI Radeon HD5770

I was playing Starcraft II yesterday afternoon when i got a few error messages stating my virtual memory had almost run out. I proceeded to lower the settings to the minimum in the game options then went to my CCC. I saw the memory slider in the ATI Overdrive section and slid it all the way to the right and hit Apply. Big mistake. I got the vertical lines of death followed by a black screen.

I promptly did a hard reboot to go back into CCC to fix it, and about 5 seconds after windows loaded, and some of my startup programs loaded, the screen went black. I attempted this 4 more times with the same outcome. I decided to use my HD cable at this point to connect to my TV as the monitor.

I figured to try it out in safe mode so that I could lower the slider, so I booted up safe mode. When safe mode loaded up, I tried to load CCC. The only problem was that it gave me an error when trying to load it up, stating that it was missing files and could not detect a driver.

I attempted uninstall the drivers and apparently I couldn't because it was in safe mode. So after some mulling over and some research, I found a program that deletes the drivers I tell it to. So i deleted the ATI and ATI CCC drivers. Luckilly, it worked in safe mode and i was able to boot up windows normally after that.

When I booted it, I immediately went to the ATI site to redownload the drivers and CCC. Everything installed correctly and I was able to open up CCC. I wanted to setup my monitor again but for some reason when i plug it in it still stays black and the power button flashes. I'm completely at a loss as to why it's not registering the monitor. I tried unplugging the HD cord and just leave the monitor and it doesnt work. I've tried the multiple monitor settings in the control panel and in CCC and it still stays blank. I have tried unplugging the HD cord and monitor out of the GFX card and plugging into the onboard socket and still no luck at all...

I have reinstalled the monitor driver as well. It is a Samsung SyncMaster VGA monitor. I use a DVI/VGA adapter for use with the Radeon and I have had no problems before this. As of right now I can still use my TV as a monitor, but I would really like use of my computer monitor again. Please help.

Thanks so much for those of you who have read this wall of text and are taking your time to help me fix this problem. Again, I will try to answer as many questions as you have while I am here at work, and I should be answer them all fully, should any come up, when I return home tonight. Again, thank you for your time.
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  1. Uninstall all the ATI drivers, run Driver Sweeper or Driver Cleaner. reboot.

    Get some *other* (even older) driver from the ATI site or from the video card manufacturer's site.
  2. That didn't work :( And now my tv goes blank every so often and I have to reboot. I disabled ATI Overdrive, and I hope that stops the card from locking up.... This is a huge mess, am i better off getting a new card? Getting a little frustrated at this point, but thank you for your help.
  3. Do all that again and install the ATI "display driver only" (not the Catalyst) and see if it works. Also what are your temperatures?
  4. My temperatures are definitely low at around 40 C. I will try to reinstall drivers without CCC when I get home. Is there anything else that you would suggest? :x
  5. It would be nice to try the card on some other PC.
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