HDMI port on mb necessary?

Regarding HDMI, is it necessary that my mb has an HDMI port for me to make use of it (HDMI), or is the HDMI port on the graphic card the same thing? I'm planning to get a GeForce GT 440... it's got HDMI.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    The MOBO's HDMI is useless, i-Mode Z68 exception, when using a discrete GPU. 'Typical' is to use the GPU's HDMI and in non-Z68's Disable the onboard GPU in both the Device Manager and in the BIOS {Disable and/or reduce the onboard GPU's memory to as little as possible}.

    Therefore, i-Mode Z68 exception, to use the MOBO's HDMI is the same as removing the discrete GPU -- the discrete GPU is serving no function/acceleration unless it's connected. So connect the monitor ONLY/Directly to the 'GeForce GT 440'.
  2. Wow fast response. Thanks.
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