Good PSU?

I am looking around for a PSU, considering I just added a GTX 460 to my system. I am only pulling 500w right now and would like to go up a few without blowing a ton of money.

This supply looks fair for the money and should be more than good enough for my system:



System Specs:
AMD Athlon II x4 630 @2.8ghz
GTX 460 1 GB
3 GB DDR2 800mhz
Gigabyte GA-MA74GM-S2 Motherboard
2x LG DVD-RW drives
1 TB HDD external, 80 GB HDD internal
2x 80mm case fans
Dynapower 500w
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  1. If your system is stable, use the dynapower for awhile and save some more for a better brand, such as antec, seasonic, corsair, ocz, or enermax.
  2. I don't feel comfortable playing games, etc. on my card with the dynapower. It's not really a quality PSU and it could short my system. I could spend the money for a better brand, but it is more of the fact that I don't really need to. If this PSU is of decent quality, 630w won't give me any problems whatsoever with my setup.
  3. A quality 550W PSU will handle your system just fine (Raidmax is not). I would look at SeaSonic, Corsair, XFX & Antec followed by OCZ.
  4. Bad news, the wattage it says on the box is meaningless. Since most things draw power from the 12V rail thats what counts the most.

    That raidmax unit has 2 22A 12V rails which means best case its got 44A(528W) between the two of them, likely only about 38-40A(456-480W) which isnt good for a 630W unit. Two year warranty, passive PFC, and no 80+ certification, i wouldnt expect it to last more than 3 or 4 years, if you get a good unit with a 5 or 7 year warranty its a good investment as you know it will last for quite a while, if in 2 years you pay even more money to replace this raidmax unit you will have wasted $40 on nothing. Buy good the first time, raidmax doesnt have a good reputation, especially with their older units.

    Unfortunately there appears to be a discrepancy with the raidmax page for it, listing it as a 22A and a 12A rail, which would only give 34A at best, ~32A(384W) likely, either way its pretty crappy for a 630W unit since a good 650W unit will have 50A between its 12V rails.
  5. I agree there are good and bad sides to this unit, but it's not just a hunk of junk. There are plenty of people who have been running it for 2, 3, and even 4 years, a lot of them with cards like the HD 5770 and the GTX 465. It's not the top of the line PSU, but Raidmax's better models, like this one, aren't absolutely terrible. That PSU would certainly power my system; there isn't any doubt, but the point you make about the warranty and lasting effect of my purchasing is valid. I could be one of those who have it for 4 years and still going strong, or it could die in a year. However, it's $50 so it's a risk as is. It will power my system a lot better than the cheapo dynapower though.
  6. The number of rails has no effect on stability. You would have us believe that this PSU is more stable than a single rail Corsair HX620? :lol:

    You do not really know that this PSU will produce 44 amps at 12 volts. The label gives the max output of each rail and the total output of the PSU. But unlike most PSU's, it does not separate the total output of the 12 volt rails.

    If I had to use one of these, I'd consider it as a 500 watt or so PSU.
  7. the raidmaxx 630w has only 30a on its 12v rail, the raidmax 530w has its actually a ripoff from its own little brother.

    this antec is the exact same price (even with the rebate), its made by seasonic and based off their very good 520w unit, and has 40a on its 12v rail (more then enough for your PC)
  8. Quote:
    Also, this unit has dual 12v for stability, so it is actually 44A .

    it has just one 12v rail that has been split so you don't actually add the splits together (in fact it only adds up to 30a). more then likely its a 400-430w PSU with a 630w sticker on it for marketing purposes.
  9. I disagree. This unit is not only 430 watts. People have crossfired 4850's and 4870's with this unit, which would require more than 400w. People have also ran their 5770's on this unit, which requires at least 450-500w psu. If this was only 400-430 watts, it would have shorted their systems by now.
  10. My Dynapower 500w has a +12v@28A, +3.3v @30A, +5v@38A, -5V@0.5A, -12v@1.0A, and +5VSB @2.0A. To be honest, this seems fine to power my system with the specs listed above, even with the newly added 460, considering it requires a 450w with a +12V@24A. However, just out of curiosity, which do you think would power the system more efficiently, my Dynapower or the Raidmax above?

    System Specs:
    AMD Athlon II x4 630 @2.8ghz
    GTX 460 1 GB
    3 GB DDR2 800mhz
    Gigabyte GA-MA74GM-S2 Motherboard
    2x LG DVD-RW drives
    1 TB HDD external, 80 GB HDD internal
    2x 80mm case fans
    Dynapower 500w
  11. you can disagree but you would be wrong. with an OC i7 CPU, the ATI 5770 in CF won't break 400w, the ATI 4870 won't break 500w. so it would be possible to run those set ups with a less demanding CPU, it would not be wise but definitely possible.

    It's not our PC, its yours so you may the decision that you want. You asked for our thoughts, most people here will tell you its not a good PSU. its mediocre at best and there are better options in the $50-60 range. I personally would spend the money on a better quality PSU, you can disagree and spend it on the raidmax.

    Test System Specs: Hardware
    - Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 3.00GHz (LGA775)
    - x2 Kingston HyperX 2GB PC2-8500 Module(s)
    - ASUS P5E3 Premium (Intel X48)

    Test System Specs
    - Intel Core i7 920 (Overclocked @ 3.70GHz)
    - x3 2GB G.Skill DDR3 PC3-12800 (CAS 9-9-9-24)
    - Asus P6T Deluxe (Intel X58)
  12. I never said I was going to buy the Raidmax. If you can't handle a debate, get off the forum. This was more of a thread about whether or not the Raidmax would have any advantage over my 500w Dynapower, not an attempt to make the Raidmax the best PSU of 2010.
  13. ninepointeightone said:
    I never said I was going to buy the Raidmax. If you can't handle a debate, get off the forum.

    "This supply looks fair for the money and should be more than good enough for my system: [...] 6817152035

    Thoughts? "

    thoughts where given, if you don't like them...don't ask. i also don't read any statement requesting to compare the two for leaving the forum considering its coming from someone who posted here a handful of times, ill place your opinion exactly where it belongs

  14. Never in that quote did I say, "I am going to buy this PSU." I didn't say I didn't like the thoughts, I humbly disagreed with what you are saying and you responded like it's some insult to your boundless computer knowledge. "You can disagree, but you would be wrong." All in all, saying that this PSU is only 400 watts, although it isn't the best, is simply stupid. Several people have ran Markerbots on these PSUs that utilize 600w and it works efficiently. This clearly shows you don't know what you are saying.
  15. neither of those psus are very good. the raidmax may be decent, but there is no qualifying review, and raidmax has a bad reputation. for example, this turned out to be a raidmax psu:
    an antec, corsair, seasonic, or other good brand psu is better, more reliable, more effiecient, and healithier for your pc components. it is possible for a power supply to explode, and take the rest of the components (cpu, hdd, etc) with it when it dies (power surge)...

    its your pc, you can do what you want. but i dont recommend either of those psus
  16. and yes, ct1615 knows quite well what he is talking about, but everyone can make a mistake and be part of a mis-understanding sometimes!
  17. As in all electronics there are variations in quality, im sure if i had a big enough selection i could get an Antec EA430D to put out 600W, there will be some that outperform expectations and people post about, but the mundane average ones are always ignored.

    The reason we say its only about a 400W unit is because most of your system power(~80-90%) now comes from the 12V rail, modern units use DC-DC conversion to get the 3.3 and 5V from the 12V rail, older units converted them off of AC directly so their 12V rails arent as beefy as a modern system so they end up with a higher total wattage but a lower useful wattage for a modern system.
  18. The dynapower is actually pretty good. I have a 400w version, and wouldn't hesitate to use it for my system needs. I recommend a good brand with good warranty so you won't have to buy another one for awhile.
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