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I have Windows ME and my computer always stop responding when I start watching some mpeg or divX movie,so I must push reset button because keyboard is death.Also once my PC stoped to respond when I looked BIOS settings.
If I'm playing Quake 3 or some other game PC is working with no problem.I'm testing all components in other computer and all was working,so I think that is problem with motherboard(MSI 6163 VA).Two days before computer is working with no problems,also when I'm watching mpeg and divX movies.I want to know opinion about this problem.Thank you!
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  1. It’s interesting. How it happened first time, any system changes or something was installed?
    Could you tell more about your hardware (processor, RAM, BIOS version, have you tried overclocking or lowest BIOS settings, harddrive (capacity, free space, how often run scandisk, defrag), video, network card, DirectX, particular software causing the problem? How old is your system and have you ever reinstalled the WinME (how long ago), ran updates, installed patches?

    I'm still feel guilty after ordering two identical cheap MS-6153VA machines for my former company. It happened before the i815 was introduced. I had a possibility to order another dual-processor i440BX-based S1832DL Tiger 100 instead, but I wanted to test VIA, Pentium EB, PC-133 and UATA/66 after reading too much of Tom's hardware. I wasn't lucky to make one of my VIA machines working in Win98 properly because of conflict with a Sound Blaster.
    Both machines had dual boot with WinNT, and we almost didn't use Win98. I downloaded BIOS update, but never used it, thinking not to put the company in danger if any failure. Nobody mentioned the problem. That machine was shipped 2 weeks earlier with slightly different BIOS, and worked OK in WinNT. My Sysadmin even bought one more similar VIA machine for home.
  2. Hello!

    I have a TNT M64 32mb graphics card, Maxtor 10,2G harddrive and 3G of free space. I have two partitions of equal size. Processor Celeron 667Mhz, RAM 160Mb. I ran Scandisc (thorough) yesterday and there were no errors. I ran defrag five days ago. I have an Award v.4.51 BIOS (w6199wms) and DirectX 7. I also have a Stollman TA+PP2 (ISDN) modem.
    I have to tell you, that I formatted my drive and installed Win98 though the same problem occured. I tried installing Windows XP however the process always crashed when I had to insert my name and company details in the dialoque and pressed the continue button.
    I also have problems when going on-line. I can connect though I can't open any pages. I have to terminate my connection and retry. It works after about five tries, yet the pages open very slowly. All the settings are the same as when everything functioned normally, the only thing I changed is the monitor. It's a very old one (Axiom). It was the only change done.Thank you for your answer!
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