How can I get future applications and programs to install on my HDD?

I have a 128GB OCZ Vertex 4 SSD as my boot drive and a 1TB Western Digital Caviar Black drive for mass storage. Its already bad enough that after installing Windows 7 and the Motherboard drivers, I was only left with like 80 gigs of free storage left. After that, the games and programs I downloaded, it installs in my SSd and now I only have about 65 gigs of free storage left! and this is only 2 days after I finished building it......Is there a way to make my HDD the primary folder for app installation?
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  1. Don't do auto installation. Do custom. Instead of the C: drive (or whatever your SSD is) select the HDD. The default really shouldn't be casually changed, many core programs will look in the original location and you'll have problems. However, you can and should change the default for the downloads, documents, and other "Libraries".
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