5770 No way to get component out, right?

I guess I didnt do enough research before buying the 5770. I want to take the output and run it through a component Video Storm 8x8 matrix switch. I read that it can do component but then read its not possible. Anyone know the truth?

I know I can buy an HDFury 3 and convert HDMI to component but thats a whopping $300 plus bucks.

I may have a card for sale, lol. This is in my newly buildt HTPC but if i cant get component out, its worthless to me.

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  1. have you looked at anything like this:
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  3. jefe323 said:
    have you looked at anything like this:

    Yes, I have looked at those. However, if the card does not output YPbPr, those converters dont work. Trying to assess the cards ability to output YPbPr which is component. I am finding that it doesnt and looking for confirmation.

    Great idea otherwise though!
  4. Emerald said:
    here is a converter for under $50

    Interesting! Not sure how they get away with bypassing that scam of a technology HDCP. Maybe they ship from overseas? Not sure.

    Its only 1.2 compliant but at fify bucks might be worth a shot.

    Little leary of its claim to output 1080p as I didnt think you could do that with component.

    Nice find though! let me see what I can find out on it and let yall know. Just might work. I could use the HDMI out on on the 5770, connect that to an HDMI switch/hub, have an HDMI from the hub go to the pre-amp so I can have full HDMI access in the theater, then route another HDMI from the hub to this converter then run that component out to the matrix switch. Sounds feasible.

    Google time.

  5. OK, just contacted Conversions Technologies. My concern was the units ability to play blu-rays and DVD's and how it bypasses the HDCP (high bandwidth digital content protection). The purpose of HDMI (scam of a technology!) is to make sure you are watching legal content (we all know the perils of HDMI and its loss of crappy handshakes). Component does not offer this protection (Hallelujah!) so was ask how it gets past that. They said it strips the content of the HDCP. Well thats great! Hope it works.

    They are emailing me a manual. Not sure why they dont have one on their website. Need to study it a bit more.

    What I DONT know is since it only does 1.2 does that mean if a dvd is 1.3 it wont play? It cant strip that HDCP off of it?

    If this works, its quite a find Emerald!

    Will let yall know more if I find it out. now to figure out 1.2 vs 1.3 relating to HDCP.
  6. Version 1.3 is related to rich-color support, not HDCP. Version 1.2 will do if you do not enable "rich-color" support in the output device. HDCP should not be a problem if you can work with lower analog resolution. You can or the device will lower resolution at the analog output (480p/576p instead of 1080i) if the receiving device is not HDCP compliant.

    And you are right. Analog component cannot yield 1080p. The company document is in error. Or the component cable technology has advanced one step further.

    There are passive and active converters that convert digital to analog and analog to digital and handle HDCP. Active converters are much more expensive than their passive counterparts.
  7. Thanks Suat. Thats what I am finding. Gonna get the conversions technology piece just to try it out.
  8. The Conversion Technologies HDMI to component converter will be here monday. Cant wait to see if it saves the day! Will let yall know.
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  10. It works! I can play anything I have HDMI and its goes right thru my component matrix switch BEAUTIFULLY!

    HIGHLY recommend this product! Cheap and it works.
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