Install Windows 8 on SSD?

I currently have Windows 7 and XP installed on a Seagate 500GB Hard disk. Windows 7 is installed on a 400GB partition while Windows XP is installed on a 65GB partition.
I want to buy a SSD and I am thinking of Intel 330 120GB. I will install Windows 8 on it. I wont be able to use all of the speed because my motherboard only has SATA 2.0 :(

Will this work perfectly? How will I do it? How about the TRIM, will it be on by default?
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  1. 1) It will work but only work at SATAII speed, but you only see the differences in benchmark between the SATAII and SATAIII, and you will not feel the differences in real usage.
    2) If the win8 is full version, you just plug in the SSD, set the AHCI in the bios and only connect the DVD too, boot up and install the win8. If the win8 is upgrade version you need one OS on the SSD before you can upgrade.
    3) Yes, TRIM will be on because TRIM is only effective on operating systems which win7/8 support it.

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  2. Not much help, but... Windows 8 + my SSD is awesome. My laptop has new life.
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